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Life without a mobile - Nokia N73

Updated on January 28, 2011

My virtual Assistant – Nokia N75

Mobile phones have become an integral part of human life in recent times. You cannot imagine life without a mobile phone. I use a Nokia N75 mobile and love it. My mobile is always in my pocket and if I am at home, I keep it with me always. Every now and then I check it to see if I have any missed calls or messages.

I love Nokia brand particularly because they are reliable, affordable and offer innovative features. Nokia N75, in particular, is a mobile with a mix of high quality audio speakers, durable battery and high resolution camera. Prior to N series, Nokia has released few mobile models which offered either high quality audio or picture perfect images. Nokia N 75 has all these features incorporated into one.

My mobile assists me in many ways and has become my virtual assistant. After I started using a mobile phone, I stopped wearing a wrist watch. With the high resolution camera, I can take snaps while travelling, partying or roaming. It acts as a photographer when I have to apply for a job. It acts as a scanner when I have to send any important documents in email.

With the introduction of 3G technology, I am able to talk to my friends while seeing them on the phone. I forgot to carry my mobile to my work place one day and I felt like my world has stopped for some moments. It is beyond my imagination to think about a world without mobile phones.


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