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Light bulbs: Which Ones Should be Used?

Updated on August 20, 2015
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Light bulbs: Which Ones Should the World Use?

We have been lighting all the dark corridors, rooms, and basements in our houses with the invention of the light bulb since 1879, always getting better and better at creating them so they could last longer than the last.

At this day and age, light bulbs tend to last a good approximate of 35,000 hours, sometimes even more than that. Something we don't tend to think about when going to the closest grocery store to buy light bulbs is how much energy they are really consuming and how they are affecting the natural order of things.

For one the extensive use of light bulbs means a continued consumption of electricity which is not only a charge you have to pay for but also a charge on the coal-fired plant that produces the electricity for your home. Leaving a light bulb on when not in a room is consuming coal and fuel too, not just electricity.

Another consequence to leaving all these lights on all the time is light pollution. A real problem that affects our flora and fauna because of prolonged exposure, light pollution screws up the internal clock of many things in our world. Trees can't adjust properly to the change of the seasons, wildlife has its schedules and cycles altered and this circle of life is damaged, leaving our world to change accordingly.

Light bulbs are a big source of energy and a human need right now but we have to start considering what damages we are causing with them and how we can remedy them. To start fixing this issue we have to understand each individual type of light bulb and what they bring to the table.

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Commonly used, effective at emitting light but terrible in life span and on the environment, incandescent light bulbs have been around for a very long time. They also emit carbon dioxide when producing light because of the discharge of heat, making everything around it hotter.

A good amount of the population is aware of the low life span of this group but continue using them just because they are the least expensive one. We have to get rid of them as soon as possible though.

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A certain variation of incandescent light bulbs, these produce more and have a longer life span but cost more. They are not much help to your body or the environment either. Known to cause sun burns to people that are under their rays for too long, halogen ones are almost or even worse than the incandescent type. They could start a fire in some cases because of burning more than other kinds of light bulbs and are known to blow up or die out because of prolonged burning.

CBconcept® 10XSG820W Halogen Light Bulb (Shorter

CBconcept [10 Bulbs] 110V-120V AC 20 Watts, JCD G8 (Shorter <35mm) Bi-Pin 20W Halogen Light Bulb, Accent Lighting, Chanderlier, Puck Light, Microwave, Range, RV & Landscape Lighting | San Francisco
CBconcept [10 Bulbs] 110V-120V AC 20 Watts, JCD G8 (Shorter <35mm) Bi-Pin 20W Halogen Light Bulb, Accent Lighting, Chanderlier, Puck Light, Microwave, Range, RV & Landscape Lighting | San Francisco

CBconcept® 10XSG820W Halogen Light Bulb (Shorter <35mm) G8 120Volt 20Watt , Pack of 10 Units alogen Lamp Characteristic: Crispy brilliant lighting Exceptional energy efficient Excellent beam angle control Small compact size, exceptional convenience UV-stop premium quality cover lenses

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Known for having a bluish shade, most don't buy this light bulb because they do not like the color that it emits. It does consume less than most and can be great for big spaces and what not but also has its danger to it. The only real harm to be careful when having a fluorescent bulb is long exposure without any breaks. I assume this is the same for any other kind but these cause migraines and eye strain easier than others.

Ecosmart 14-Watt Daylight Compact Flourescent (CFL) Light Bulbs

EcoSmart 14W 5000K Spiral CFL Light Bulb, Daylight (4-Pack)
EcoSmart 14W 5000K Spiral CFL Light Bulb, Daylight (4-Pack)

Ecosmart 14 watt (60 watt equivalent)compact fluorescent bulbs uses 75% less energy than a standard 60w incandescent bulbs. The energy savings over the life of the 4 bulbs is up to $220 or $55 per bulb. The bulbs are a 5,000K Daylight color and last up to 9 years each. Ecosmart bulbs use up to 70% less mercury than standard CFL's. Ecosmart CFL bulbs are Energy Star rated. Light Bulb Base Type : Medium


Energy 101

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Consuming much less than incandescent light bulbs and lasting more than them, these are an improvement but contain mercury, a very dangerous substance. Many who use it are not aware of this and instead of recycling it, they throw them away. They require more care and attention because of this substance.

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A light- emitting diode, or LED light bulb for short, lasts a great amount of time and is highly efficient compared to the other types. They cost more and only direct light at one point for now, making them slightly useless for room illumination. We have to focus on implementing these though and fading out of incandescent ones. There are some that are good for room usage but cost much more than other cheap ones and people are not willing to buy them yet.

Light bulbs are a great and unique source of light but the way we are using them and the alarming amount of light that is emitted without stop every day from every house is harming us and our world. LED is a promising invention that will help out with most of these issues, with less disorientation on wildlife and less damage to our vision and skin when in contact with them for long periods of time.

We cannot continue ignoring the problem and putting up a cheap band aid as a solution. Pushing the LED program forwards, getting rid of any other kind of light bulbs and spending some extra cash on light bulbs that last so much time, we have to start acting now. Our world needs us to stop consuming these crappy light sources and to stop disrupting the natural cycle of things. We need to go LED.

Article by: Steven GutiƩrrez

Philips introduces world's most energy-efficient warm white LED lamp


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