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Facebook Tagging Like Ladders and Interaction Ladders - How do they work?

Updated on February 12, 2014
Network Tagging - Like Ladders on Facebook - Do They Work?
Network Tagging - Like Ladders on Facebook - Do They Work?

How to get more facebook fans

You have probably seen one or more on facebook, maybe you are a participant, maybe you have only heard of them but do not know exactly what they are.

They are extremely popular.

Like Ladders, Tagging Ladders, Network Tagging, Shoutouts - just some of the terms used for the activity of adding your facebook business name to a status comment and having other pages 'like' you and you 'liking' them in return.

More recently we have seen interaction ladders. Ladders which are not designed to get you likes, but interaction to improve edgerank.

How does a like ladder work?

Like ladders operate in different ways, depending on how the page owner plays it out. In some cases tagging sessions are for set periods of times, some are on set days of the week, some are at set times of the day and some are completely random.

Some sessions require you to like a 'feature' business, some sessions require you to like all other businesses that add their links, some require only 10 or so likes.

The Negatives of a Like Ladder

  • Increased like base can often be hollow
  • More likes does not mean more business
  • Wasted time because people do not always play by the rules and like back
  • Sometimes pages secretly 'unlike' you shortly afterwards - fan numbers may significantly reduce.

The Benefits of a Like Ladder

  • Increased exposure to your business page
  • Capture potential new clients
  • You get to see other pages that you may network with
  • Become acquainted with potential competition or like-minded businesses
  • Grow your fan base FAST

Facebook Interaction Ladders

Facebook interaction ladders are purely designed to encourage interaction on your content. Whether it be a 'share', a 'comment' or a 'like', interaction on your posts on your Facebook business page helps to improve edgerank.

Facebook edgerank is the algorithm which determines what content is shown in the newsfeed of your followers. The more interaction on your content the better.

These ladders are the newest and most effective way to improve your page online.

Pop over to Empower Your Page on Facebook and participate!

Do Like Ladders Work?

So you participated in a ladder climb, you added your facebook business page name, liked the mandatory feature business (a crazy band that you have never heard of and probably will never even look up again) and followed the rules to a 't' liking all business pages ahead of you in the queue.

You are now a fan of businesses of all walks of life - WAHMs who make petit skirts, buntings and hair clips. Photographers. Bakers. Web Designers. Bloggers. People who promise you this and people who can promise you that.

So now what?

Well remember that assuming that all those people also played by the rules they will be in the same boat. And I'll bet your bottom dollar that they remove you the next day.

They never cared about you, your business, your product or your service. They only hovered over your business link and 'liked' you because if they didn't they may have been marked as spam and removed (or worse still banned from participating again).

You are blocking their news feed. You are hidden or un-liked in the blink of an eye as soon as they can make a run for it.

Be honest with yourself. You will possibly do the same to a select few (or majority) of those you are now associated with.

For those what have stuck around, you may be hidden anyway, so their 'like' shows as another fan to your credit but they are not even interested in who you are or what you do.

Lately there have been instances of facebook imposing bans on those who like too many pages in quick succession so this could inhibit your 'normal' networking abilities. Is it really worth it all?

It is not ALL that bad. There may be a few new fans here and there that are happy to have come across your business or service.

Have you ever participated in a Facebook Ladder session?

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Network Tagging - Is it worth the effort?

My verdict?

Interact with business pages on facebook in a business way, use a bit of etiquette, sell yourself, sell your service, show others why they need what you have on offer.

If you are a WAHM just starting out, I do not see any harm in joining in any of the like ladder sessions for a bit of harmless fun, a bit of free advertising. It helps at least get your first 20 or so likes to allow you to establish your unique username (that's a Bonus!) and helps spread the word.

Just do not be too fazed if you notice your likes drop off some time afterwards. It is bound to happen.

You may get a handful or so of people who hang on in there. Some may turn out to be clients, some may be friends, others may just like and leave.

If it is quality not quantity you are after I'd avoid these sessions. Some say it is better to earn your likes and not get them for free.

Ultimately it is your decision.

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