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Link Building Techniques that Work

Updated on September 13, 2014

Top Backlink Techniques to Use Now!!

We are coming into the close of 2014 and I assume many of you are likely planning what to do for next year. This means taking your current SEO and SEM plans and evaluating them to determine what is working and what needs to change.

With that I wanted to present a quick summary of top link building methods we use to keep our websites high up in the search engines. These website promotion tactics have withstood the test of time and Google's most recent Arctic updates :)

Link Building Software

Without Further Ado...the Methods We Use:

1. Article Marketing

This is a key technique which is why we have done an entire blog devoted to this topic. Manually submit to these major article directories; then, submit many articles linking to these "seed" articles using the article marketing robot. Alternatively, you can use or to cover all the smaller directories.

Make sure your resource box deep-links to at least one internal page and another link to your homepage. Link using anchor text but make sure you vary the text used as to make linking appear natural and avoid penalties. Use Google Alert to track who picks up your articles and approach them for links with new and fresh content.

Use SEO Spyglass to Find Authority Sites and Approach them for Links

2. Authority Sites and more

Using this method, I got fantastic results. While you can certainly do this manually, I found I saved literally days of tedious work.

What it takes me a week to do by scouring the search engines by hand, I accomplish in mere hours (~2 or 3) using a powerful tool that gathers the information for you in a neat, easy-to-read format, with Page Rank values and other relevant site details. I then start link building!

Another option for maximizing the use you get out of building backlinks with SEO Spyglass is the ability to have the software compile all the websites that rank high for your chosen keywords, and then outsource the a lengthy link-building campaign. In the meantime, you work on the harder stuff like guest blogging.

My favorite, committed method is to peruse the site I wish to guest blog for, and then jot down some ideas for a very useful and relevant post that best ties in their subject with my own. Here's a snapshot of my results for a campaign started using SEO Spyglass that returned fantastic results for me about 5 weeks after I started:

my linkbuilding campaign using Spyglass.  More information available on my website - it's time to skyrocket your link-building efforts!
my linkbuilding campaign using Spyglass. More information available on my website - it's time to skyrocket your link-building efforts!

You will get a listing of the sites with included Page Rank, DMOZ inclusion, Yahoo inclusion and much more, for many thousands of backlinks if you run it like this. Find the ones with the most links amongst the top sites and actually LOOK at those sites to see where the links are and how they were acquired.

Make a note of the very high PR websites (usually I consider PR5 and up really quite high; I've been able to get up to PR4 so far myself) and approach that webmaster with new fresh (and very good) content in return for a link back to your site. If you establish this relationship you can just rinse and repeat!

One website I work for uses Spyglass to find high-value websites to promote the Alexa rank post. This is like a runaway reaction; the better your Alexa, the more qualified traffic you receive and the greater the potential for your Google Pagerank to rise.

3. Social Bookmarks

We will go into this in more detail as we plan this months link-building ebook (free! And coming soon); but look to sites like, Squidoo, and others for building out a presence for you off your own website. This gives you visibility and authority as well as garnering you significant link value.

My post explains it in detail and should open a lot of your eyes on how easy this can be to do - one of the best tandems is to use both hubpages and squidoo, and send many backlinks to these Web 2.0 sites as opposed to your actual main blog, for better SEO.

More Authority Resources

4. Technorati and Blog Search

Use to find blogs on your topic. Use their search function to return high “authority” blogs.

Use the authority search and physically go to those blogs to see how often they are updated and what kind of content they use. Use blog commenting to help establish a relationship with the writer; also, do a backlink analysis with a tool like SEO Spyglass and see how robust their linking profile is.

If the blog has other blogs linking to it and has been regularly updated, with current comments on their posts, link back to your site in the posts (some sites will have no-follow and others will have dofollow; you need both kinds). If it's a great site approach the blog owner and request to act as a guest blogger.

It's important to realize that sites like Technorati go go down; their traffic may fall for reasons of insufficient quality and management changes. In fact, Technorati did a complete overhaul when their Page rank fell from 8 to 7 - which means a whole lot of money was lost from traffic. So it's best to spread out your link-building practices, in case all the gees in one basket go bad and you're left with a useless basket!

Press Releases Are Still Quite Useful

5. Press Release Writing

Write and submit press releases through sites like Consider paying for the anchor text linking options to get the full push from it.

While not essential, I have found it works wonders; it does the kind of work that would otherwise take me months to accomplish.

So there…5 steps which have the ability to generate more links than any of you will ever need. Notice the emerging theme is the need for quality content; we suggest this because it works! Use these methods in the coming year and stick to them and you will see success for sure.

Best of luck to all!

How is your link building campaign coming along?

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