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Link Building via Social Shares

Updated on January 10, 2017

The World Wide Web is filled with link building tips that advice on how best to top search engines. With all these methods available, a question emerges. Just what constitutes of quality link building and which is the method that you can use to get to the top of search engines?

What are social shares?

One of the most common link building approaches is the use of social shares. This method is centered around sharing of links on popular social networking sites. Here, another question emerges, just how is fairness ensured to prevent gaming of the system? Can a person looking for a simple way institute a link building campaign abuse social shares via outsourcing link building to have hundreds or even thousands of automated followers?

Increase total overall shares

A successful link building strategy is centered on numbers, ideally the higher the number the better. The total number of social shares should be increased. It is emerging that content from social networking sites should be highly regarded. Higher shares of content from platforms like Twitter, Facebook or even G+ has been strongly attributed to higher page rank of the content on Search engines. You ought to be thinking of how you can game the system as all that is needed is just to get a high number of shares through automated followers or even giving incentives for shares, right? Wrong!

Trying such a trick to get on top of the ranking will be noted by the search engine bots and this will make the content that you have so hard been trying to get to the of the search engines to be de-indexed. If you read the Link building recommendations by Google, you will see that this is against policy. Buying social shares may in the short term slightly increase page rank, but due to the short duration of this link building strategy, you will end up wasting a lot of time and money.

Encourage sharing responsibly

For the best strategy, encourage content sharing of your content using strong calls to action and the various social media plugins available. Through use of a natural link building strategy, your content will be spread out in the various social networking sites and you are assured of getting shares and your content will reach will grow, albeit slowly.

The use of social networking sites is also a great method that will help in increasing your perceived authority to your audience. The larger the audience base that you have, the higher the probability that you will get more shares to your content. Google and Bing have already confirmed that Social Media platforms are used when determining on the SERP’s rankings. According to these two search engines, the authority of a user is factored in depending on the quality link building used in social networking platforms.

To increase your social shares requires a lot of time and effort, mainly due to the amount of time spent on connecting with various people in industry via social platforms. The success of increased social shares is seen through an increase in your site’s SERP’s and a larger following of loyal followers. This link building strategy when well used and the necessary patience given is guaranteed to get you to the top.

Connect with authority users

The final step that ought to be focused on when looking for increase social shares to rise in search engine ranking is to connect with authority users. Through getting to network with authority users that have a large following, you can get to convince them to share your content, and you can be assured to get several shares from the authority user.

To get authority users to share your content, ensure that you take time in choosing an authority user of a niche that you are interested in. The next thing that you need to focus on is slowly building a relationship with the authority user. You need to note that patience is key to succeed in this link building strategy. When building a relationship, you should start with sharing posts from his blog and retweeting his tweets and commenting occasionally. This is a method f building traffic to the authority figure ad helps the authority figure gauge you in your expertise. The final step is to reach out to the authority figure for an opportunity that is mutually beneficial.

The outlined link building campaign is one that should be taken slowly and never in a hurry. Through patience, you are able to set out a slow but sure quality link building method that will get you high page ranks in search engines and stay safe from being de-indexed in the future.


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