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Linux vs. Windows – The Advantages & Disadvantages of Each Operating System

Updated on May 28, 2015

When it comes to using an operating system, we are often faced with a crucial question- which operating system is the best? The most appropriate answer to this question is that no operating system is absolutely perfect or completely bogus. However, one operating system might be more suitable for our requirement than the other.

  1. Media: Both Linux and Windows come with a bundle of media players which requires downloading codec. However, in both the operating systems installing VLC media player is extremely simple and easy allowing you to watch videos with no effort at all.
  2. Installing software of a different OS: Linux allows easier installing of third party software compared to Windows. But, although it is very unlikely, in case one does not have internet connection then installing third party software in Windows is far simpler compared to the complicated process that one has to undergo while installing it in Linux.
  3. Pre installed or default software: Linux is far more apt and desired when we compare it with Windows in terms of pre installed software. Windows do not have the basic software like presentation software of MS Office suite, which have to be installed separately. On the other hand, Ubuntu 12.04 comes with the LibreOffice suite, which is equivalent to MS Office, along with several other very useful applications.
  4. Security: Although both are pretty secured yet in some aspects and many believe that Linux is more secure than Windows. Linux beats Windows by providing better access privileges, cheaper antivirus software and an overall more secured environment for you to work with.
  5. Ease of Use: Since Linux requires the use of command lines for every function, there is an established notion that it is complex or at least not as simple to use as Windows. This may vary from user to user but everyone can use master Linux with a simple Linux training course.
  6. Cost: The best aspect of Linux is the fact that it is free unlike Windows which will cost you a minimum of Rs 5000 to Rs 15000 depending on the version you are interested to buy. Linux does not charge you even for its upgraded versions.

While choosing between Linux and Windows, the two most popular operating systems, we have to keep in mind that both has some pros and cons and here are some of the comparative features that will help you choose an operating system best suited for you.


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