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List of Free Email Service Providers

Updated on January 27, 2015

11 Free Email Service Providers

If you are sick of your email provider and considering switching to a new one, then here is a list of free email service providers to help you out. This is a complete list of free email service providers currently on the Internet, at least according to my knowledge. But there are always new ones that get created, so it may not be complete for long. Either way, you can't go wrong with any of the providers on this list.

  1. Gmail
  2. ( This recently replaced Hotmail)
  3. Yahoo (This provides two addresses: and
  4. Aol (America Online)
  5. Yandex.Mail
  6. MySpace (Includes social network and email )
  7. GMX Mail
  8. iCloud Mail
  9. Inbox
  10. Mail (This provides a huge list of extensions including,,,,,,, etc).
  11. My Way Mail


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    • profile image

      Mick 22 months ago

      The article doesn't include some of the key players when it comes to security and privacy...




      Nevertheless, it always drops down to one’s preferences and requirements (I personally use mailfence which is free, interoperable, without ads, completely locally hosted and provides an entire collaboration suite i.e. messages, contacts, calendar, documents, polls, tags ….)

    • profile image

      Anku 2 years ago

      Nice article.

      Exchange business email helps increase user productivity while protecting your organization’s data. Get it as a hosted service or run it on your servers.

    • profile image

      Satvik Kumar 2 years ago

      these are very good

    • profile image

      mohammad farooq 3 years ago

      I have e mail address

    • profile image

      Robert Pirate 3 years ago

      Hep, I just wanted to let you know that a new free email service has just been set up. Mailfence ( Check it and maybe you'll find it link-worthy ! They focus on security and privacy =)

    • profile image

      Herry Mark 3 years ago

      do you need a loan?

      email us

    • profile image

      bhavdeep singh 4 years ago

      I know one more email service provider and the name is . This email service provider provides the best secure email service. Moreover, it provides IMAP and POP service through which you can access your all email accounts on your mobile, iPad and system from anywhere. Try to check out once. I think you really like this email provider

    • profile image

      sadsad 4 years ago

      htp:// email sms worldwided

    • profile image

      vishal 4 years ago

      I found one more website which gives facility of premium emails and short email ids is

    • profile image

      Warner 4 years ago

      Have E-mail account in msn and hotmail and lately Microsoft have start something I believe are a search of information of it's clients who has accounts in MSN and HOTMAIL. Phone numbers-bank details and other information's of very privet matter. Is that a NSA or CIA operation in order to collect data from all over the world ???. You will be forced to accept a security cod from the provider !!! it's just fine because that make it easy for anybody to enter your account with that cod...and Microsoft calling it ''Sorry for we been over protective''

      It's just come in a time where USA have been discover with the hands in the wrong fried-pan and burn them self, but denied that as well.

      Now it's time to cut ties with every company who may be part of this information drive to collect data from mail accounts all over the world.

      Just a question, where we have a mail provider who fare from US collective operations and who support some kind of privacy.

    • profile image

      MALAY SINGHA 4 years ago

    • profile image

      superheromail 5 years ago is another free email service provider you could add to your list

    • profile image

      bulk mail mailing 5 years ago

      All the email service provider are good but for Bulk mailing this is not that much useful

    • zi.ripon profile image

      zi.ripon 6 years ago from Dhaka,Bangladesh

      Gmail is the best e-mail service.

    • profile image

      Irfan Ali Shujah 7 years ago

      thanx for the list dude.