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Big List of Search Engines

Updated on February 4, 2010

By trying a new search engine you will be able to find new interesting websites. These websites are often buried so deep in the results of the big search engines that chances are you'll never find them on Google, Yahoo or Bing.

For those of you searching for places to add your URL i have included a direct link to the add URL page of the search engines that have one.

Major Search Engines

Google is the most popular search engine on the Internet and has both web, image, video and map search plus a lot of other more specialized searches. Add URL

Yahoo Search is the second most popular search engine, with web, image, video, local and shopping search options. They also run one of the most well known directories on the Internet. Add URL

Bing is Microsoft's latest relaunch of Microsoft Live Search and has been growing in popularity thanks to aggressive marketing campaigns. Add URL

Ask is a little bit more cozy than the other major search engines and has a bit more options and visual stuff going on in the default search. Add Sitemap

Alternative Search Engines

There's many alternative search engines to go to when you are tired of the canned results from the big four above.

Cuil claims to have a bigger index than Google but does not have much of a market share yet. Add URL

DuckDuckGo has a silly style but returns some really innovative search results, check it out. Add URL (requires link back)

Entireweb was founded in 2000 by a Swedish company, AB. They currently have an index of several hundred million pages and serves over 100 million searches every month. They feed their search results to a large network of smaller search engines.

Entireweb is a  founded in 2000 by the Swedish company AB. Currently they index several hundred million webpages and serves over 100 million searches per month. They have an Express Inclusion Program to get included in the index.

Spezify is run by a Swedish startup and has really cool visual search results, like a collage of newspaper clippings and photos. They use third party search providers so you can't submit to them directly.

Secret Search Engine Labs lets you find niche sites that's often lost in the major search engines. It is also family friendly and has some cool SEO and webmaster tools. Add URL

WolframAlpha searches in databases and creates new search results on the fly using mathematical formulas.

For more check out where you will find info on over 4000 additional search engines

Historical Search Engines

Altavista was the first big search engine and is still operational but uses Yahoo search results.

HotBot launched in 1996 as a service of Wired Magazine and was one of the pioneers in search. It is now using Yahoo and MSN search results.


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    • rajanrayhan profile image

      Mitali Chowdhury 6 years ago from Bangladesh

      You can add your site to Google and all 40 search engines by one click at . Easy search engine submission I have found ever.

    • sbyholm profile image

      sbyholm 8 years ago from Finland

      Hi macgizmoguy

      I checked out Stumpedia and I like the model. It's like a combination of Google and Digg done in the right way. I just wish they had some spidered search results to complement the social ones.

    • macgizmoguy profile image

      Russell Baer 8 years ago from US - North America

      Here's a few other search engines that deserve mention:

    • profile image

      David 8 years ago

      Thanks for the list. I too use the big 4 and should explore the others too.

    • Jeanne Crouse profile image

      Jeanne Crouse 8 years ago from New England

      I use google almost exclusively, but do frequently become frustrated by the amount of garbage in the results.

      Despite their dominance in the market, you never know.. someone else may come up with a better solution for search.

    • sbyholm profile image

      sbyholm 8 years ago from Finland

      I'm pretty sure Google will be here for many years. They have the brand and they have a hold on people with the applications gmail, docs, alarms, and many more.

      So far Cuil has not been able to impress me even though the results are fairly good.

      What is your favourite search engine?

    • Jeanne Crouse profile image

      Jeanne Crouse 8 years ago from New England

      Handy list of search engines with descriptions of what each does best. I often get very frustrated by Google's results... same old, same old.. and find I have to go many pages deep into the results to find new information or different points of view.

      Do you envision that Cuil may ultimately overtake Google, or is Google here to stay?

    • sbyholm profile image

      sbyholm 8 years ago from Finland

      Feel free to suggest additional search engines by leaving a comment below


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