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A Comprehensive list of "About" pages for Firefox

Updated on December 14, 2010

In previous articles I have discussed the Mozilla Firefox browser and many adjustments that may be made to it's about:config file. Another article took a look at other browsers and their about files. Now we are going to take a comprehensive look at the other "about" files available in Firefox 3.6.12. The following "about" commands should be entered exactly as shown, without the quote marks.

These "about" pages range from, quite helpful, to amusing, to completely worthles, I hope you enjoy.

  1. "about:config" Displays the page allowing configuration of most Firefox options.
  2. "about:" Displays the Firefox version information.
  3. "about:buildconfig" Displays a page with build information and a link to more in-depth information, including links for further investigation of the build.
  4. "about:license" Displays the Mozilla Firefox "EULA" or "End Users License Agreement".
  5. "about:blocked" Displays the "web forgery/attack" warning page.
  6. "about:crashes" Displays a list of your reported browser crash reports with links to the actual reports.
  7. "about:rights" Displays a list of your user rights with links to appropriate documents.
  8. "about:neterror" Displays the "Problem Loading Page" error page.
  9. "about:cache" Displays your Memory, Disk, and Offline caches with links for more information concerning any one of them.
  10. "about:plugins" Displays information concerning any installed Firefox plugins.
  11. "about:credits" Displays a list of all people who deserve credits for their work on Firefox and a link to submit your information for inclusion in the list, pending verification of proof.
  12. "about:logo" Displays the Mozilla Firefox logo.
  13. "about:blank" Displays, oddly enough, a blank page.

Bonus, two easteregg "about" files.

  1. "about:mozilla" This easteregg displays a fun little quote from "The Book of Mozilla".
  2. "about:robots" This hidden treasure displays the robot page of course, don't forget to click the button.

A bonus, bonus: view source on the "about:robots" page, scroll down in the source to the line containing, <!--Button-->, then look at the URL on the next line for a "Ghostbusters" reference.

That's it. My comprehensive compilation of all the "about" files for the Mozilla Firefox browser build 3.6.12. I hope you all enjoy reading my articles as much as I enjoy writing them and I shall try to be a bit more consistent in the future.


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