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Little & Large (Macro & Panorama photography with Nokia phones)

Updated on April 17, 2012

Menwith Hill

Menwith Hill with the Lumia 800
Menwith Hill with the Lumia 800


Little & Large (Macro and Panorama)

I have always loved the Panorama app on my Nokia E7, I don't use it a lot, but have managed to get a few really good shots with it, and when Nokia launched the Creative Studio application for there Lumia Windows phone range, I was quite excited, as it also included a Panorama feature as well as an editing suite and some colouring and effect software . I was somewhat disappointed with the Lumia application when I first used it as the stitching didn't appear very good to me, however having chatted with @Sheridan07 (Richard Dorman)on Twitter, he explained to me that rather than rotating the camera on its axis as I had been doing with the E7, the best results came by holding the Lumia and rotating your body and panning with the phone, the reults of my attempts today confirm this ! Now prior to me having a day off that also produced some decent weather, my other phone, the Nokia N9 had the Nokia Panorama app made available for it also, so I decided to do a three way shoot out , as it were. The results were honestly not what I'd expected, and similar to my comparison with video capture on the N9 v Lumia, I actually found that both results and operation of the Windows phone app were much better. The app is extremely quick and easy to use and the results were generally much more pleasing to the eye . Now overall, I think I still prefer the N9 camera for general photography, but for Video capture and Panoramic shots it seems to come into its own. The Panorama app on the N9, very disappointingly is extremely difficult to use, it requires very slow, precise movement, and very easily loses lock as you move it, unlike the E7, which although not as fast as the Lumia, still produces good Panoramas shots, something I think EDOF lends itself to. In all cases, as with the Lumia app, which is limited to a maximum number of photos of 4, the more photo's you try to take, the more chance you have of warped and badly stitched panoramas, limiting it to four will give better results :)

Links to Nokia Store and Windows Marketplace for Nokia Panorama & Creative Suite.

N9 app

E7 app

Lumia app

Or just go the Nokia Collection in the Marketplace on your Lumia

Panorama photos, top to bottom E7, Lumia, N9

Creative Studio wins , again, going down E7, Lumia , N9

Macro photos

Now the title of this bit of bloggery mentions little and large, as I had decided to compare the two extremes of macro and panorama, as the Lumia camera in general, has had considerable criticism from reviewers, and as I say, I have generally found the N9 to produce better snaps overall. However , again having chatted to Richard, he suggested using touch to zoom for macro photography with the Lumia and again, as always, he was right. I managed to get some excellent macro shots with the Lumia, particularly of a Bee on a Dandelion, which I was frankly amazed at when I finally viewd it on my computer in full res. The 'macro shots from the E7 obviously are there for token reasons, as in this department it is verging on useless.

Macro comparisons top to bottom E7, Lumia 800 & N9

The final BZZZZZ, to show the Lumia & N9 CAN do great macro :)

Lumia 800 'B'
Lumia 800 'B'
Lumia 800 'B'
Lumia 800 'B'
Lumia 800 'B'
Lumia 800 'B'
MeeBee N9
MeeBee N9
MeeBee N9
MeeBee N9

So thanks for reading and viewing this post.

All the best

Stephen Quin


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