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Living a Virtual Life

Updated on May 22, 2016

What is Virtual Reality?

Currently we have seen the Oracle "Virtual Box" which gives the player the illusion they are actually in the game. I myself want to look into the future of virtual reality... A time when you can download your mind into the Virtual System and upload it back when you're done on line...

Technically, there are many pro's and many con's... A full fledged virtual reality could lead to war, or Heaven on Earth...

In this Hub I'll go over both the Pro's and the Con's.


*If the server were to shut down there is a high chance of your own mind and existence being deleted in the process.

*As Virtual Life becomes more popular, less people would be walking around in real life which could lead to wars (fewer soldiers) or higher crime rates.

*On the same note, what if the government replicated your mind, so the original you was on-line and 100 other you's are slaves to the government.

*If you're able to upload into a game and download back into a body, what's stopping the government from downloading your doubles into robotic soldiers?


*By uploading your brain into a virtual world, you'd be completely immortal for as long as the servers are being maintained.

*If your body is too old to sustain itself, you can download your mind into a robot, supporting the possibility of immortality.

*If you had already reached the point of using robots, you could literally download/upload yourself across the world in seconds with a moving body to support yourself on.

*You would be able to do anything you wanted with no consequences (to a point)

*You would be able to buy a pack of smokes and get drunk at the bar for pennies and log off feeling healthy.

Oculus Rift

The video above is a virtual reality made possible by the Oculus Rift, the first step taken towards virtual reality.

Even if this is the farthest we get in virtual reality, it opens the door to so many options... Thanks to this new form of technology on its way, we will now have the opportunity to fight Zombies with an on line community. Or we can now be accepted into "Hogwarts: The School of Witchcraft and Wizardry"

The further we upgrade our knowledge and technology for virtual reality, the more doors we'll have open for us.

Do you think we should advance as much as possible in virtual reality?

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Virtual Reality sounds imposable, and currently it is probably pretty imposable... We already have all the technology we need to make this work, we just don't understand the brain well enough to Upload/Download.....

Learning more about the brain, and how an upload effects it, would take a lot of people volunteering to be test subjects, no matter what the risks may be...

We may one day be able to go directly into a game, but for now, just the illusion of being in the game is good enough.


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