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Loca - Liquid Optically-Clear Adhesive

Updated on January 1, 2016

The Uses for Loca Glue

Have you heard of this amazing new technologically advanced glue called LOCA, aka liquid optically-clear adhesive? It is used on a wide range of electronic equipment, especially those with touch panels. The loca adhesive bonds the touch panel to the main liquid crystal display. All Apple ipods and iPhones have their screen assembly fused together with this iPhone adhesive. Other cellphone companies such as Samsung use this lcd glue as well. These companies chose to go with loca glue because it dries fast under regular uv light. After it is cured, it leaves no yellow color and is totally transparent. Other clear glue would not work in any of the screen assemblies because the glass on top of the lcd would not pick up any of the touch signals from the touch interface.

So besides the manufacturing companies, who exactly uses liquid optically clear adhesive? Most people who crack their iphone think that it is time for a new one, or are under Apple Care and can get a replacement. Others just cell their cracked iphone on places like eBay and Amazon for some cash to buy a new phone. Well, there are a lot of people who make a living buying these broken phones and repairing them.

A few years back, us phone repair men could not salvage the lcd because it was impossible to remove from the shattered screen assembly. This resulted in having to buy a brand new screen assembly instead of just the glass only.However, after some time, progress was made in the tools we had to repair these phones. Then came the lcd separator machines. With the help of these machines, we were able to heat the loca glue enough to be able to separate it from the cracked screens. Then we used the uv glue to bond it all back together with the new screen. With only having to purchase glass replacements, profits continue to triple.

Many people in the repair business who have used this uv glue were pleased to see it has the ability to bind to non-even surfaces as the lcd may have minor scratches.The loca glue continues to add superior optical properties and durability to the device. LCD glue is the new advanced glue that everyone in the repair of cellphones and tablet devices needs to have as its the best loca glue used for bonding together the salvaged lcd and the new glass.

When I bought my first cracked iphone to repair I never thought the iphone glue would prevent me from separating the glass from the lcd. Upon further research of LCD separator machines reviews, I discovered a whole array of machines that would aid me to maximize my profits.A heat gun would not get the glass hot enough to make the iPhone glue hot enough to work with.

I have looked into the technology behind loca glue. The issue that manufacturing these iPhones produce is that the displays must be crystal clear no matter how old the phone gets. Reflection from the glass on your iphone device, as well as the adhesive, can degrade the transparency of the LCD. Reflection is caused by an impedance mismatch between air and the glass. The reflection makes the white brighter, but dilutes black and other colors, which can decrease the contrast. LOCA suppliers aim to match the refractive index of glass and clear plastic used in displays to minimize loss. More advantages of having LOCA glue for your devices is the amazing heat resistance feature, no size is too small or too large, and there are no messes or issues with condensation or fogging on the lens! The liquid properties also make it ideal for filling in any gaps in the displays that might have been caused by the cracked screen so it leaves a perfect even layer that takes away any noticeable damages on the top layer of the lcd.

In conclusion, Liquid optically-clear adhesive is here to stay. In an age of touch screen tablets, mp3 players, computers, and phones, loca is the perfect ideal bonding agent. The demand for the uv glue is high right now, due to requests by manufacturers, suppliers, as well as repair men who make a quick buck fixing up these cracked screens that are fused together by this adhesive.


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    • profile image


      4 years ago


      Do you think the same glue remover for the loca glue would work on my loctite brand uv adhesive?

    • melbel profile image


      5 years ago from Midwest, USA

      Whoa! This stuff looks pretty cool!


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