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LAN Methodology: Local Area Network Design and Implementation Steps

Updated on December 19, 2018

Basic LAN Design, Documentation and Implementation


The first steps in designing a LAN (Local Area Network) are to established and document the goals of the design

The design should aim at addressing the following goals:-


Must allow users to meet their job requirements, it must provide user to user and user to application connectivity, with reasonable speed and reliability.


The network must be able to grow, that is the initial design should grow without any major changes to the overall design.


The network must be design with an eye towards future technology and should include no elements that would limit implementation of new technology as they become available.


The network should be design to facilitate network monitoring and management to ensure ongoing stability of operation

In order for a LAN to be effective and serve the need for its users, it should be implemented according to systematic series of planned steps.


1. Gather information about the organization, the information should include:-

• Organization history and current status

• Projected growth

• The operating policies and management procedure

• Office system and procedures

• Views of the people who will be using LAN and there skills level

• Size and layout of the Organization

• Financial resources and constraints of the Organization

• Hardware and software resources that the Organization has

2. Make a detailed analysis and assessment of the current and projected requirements of the people who will be using the network.

3. Identify the resources and constrains of the Organization

The Question you ask should includes

• What financial resources does the organization have

• How are these resources currently linked and shared

• How many people will be using the network

• What are the computer skills levels of the network users

• What are there attitude towards computers and computer application?

The Organization resources that can affect the implementation of a new LAN system follows into two main categories that is computer hardware and software resources and human resources.

You must document an organization's existing computer hardware and software and identify and define its projected hardware and software means

4. Physical cabling under the Wide Area Network (WAN)

• Includes the type of a cable to be used i.e. twisted pair, coaxial cable, fiber optic cable • How far each WAN must travel before being transmitted

• Maximum distant for UTP should be 90 metres

• In an existing local area network, cable audit is performed to determine where upgrading and or replacement of bad cables is needed

Following these steps, and documenting the information in the network of a formal report will help you estimate and develop a budget in implementing a WAN (Wide Area Network)

General Network Design Process (GNDP) include

Designer - Includes technicians who implement the project from the Site Survey to network setup.

Client - the owner of the project can includes individuals, Organization, Business etc

Users- Involve in using and sharing the network resources e.g. employees Brainstorming - Is a process through which ideas are generated for the designers and involves employees, stakeholders and technicians. Specification development-: Are usually numbers which will measure how well the design work

Building and Testing: - To meet clients objectives and satisfied certain standard.

One of the methods you can use in the process of creating a design is the Problem Solving Circle (PSC). This is a process that you sue repeatedly until you finished a design problem

Listed below are the steps to be followed in the Dartmouth Problem Solving Cycle (PSC)

a) Original problem statement

b) Redefine the problem

c) Develop general specifications

d) Brainstorming alternative

e) Select most variable solution

f) Check the problem definition

g) Redefine and add specification

h) Brainstorm again if necessary

i) Continue until the problem is appropriately solved.

The following list includes some of the documentation that you should create as you design a network.

• Engineering journal

• Logical topology

• Physical topology

• Cut Sheets

• Problem Solving Matrices

• Label outlets

• Labeled cable runs

• Summary of outlets and cable runs

• Summary of devices, MAC addresses and IP addresses


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    • profile image

      Belinda Torovia 

      3 years ago


    • profile image

      sanjay pathekar 

      7 years ago

      Thanks , steps are very helpful.

    • profile image

      ahmed baba umar 

      7 years ago

      pls i need lan design methodology

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      The Goals and systematic steps you mentioned are informative.

    • htodd profile image


      8 years ago from United States

      Nice lens Thanks for sharing

    • profile image

      vinanti gilbile 

      8 years ago

      wow very nice ,,,very understndable stps

    • profile image

      muhammadkamilcharotharwassimithisindh hellario peer 

      9 years ago

      how do i prepare a good final year project on design and implementation on lan.Ya Allah mery mery murishid Hazarat shah murdan shah pir saien Pagara ko khizry zindugy ata furma. humary jumait ko successe aur unity waly party bana.Thanks allah ap ka hami aur nasir ho

    • profile image

      kamil Charo Tharwassi 

      9 years ago

      Thanks for spending time in Local Area Network Design and Implementation (Allah Hafiz)pakistan Zinda Bad

    • profile image

      Fiber Network Cable 

      9 years ago

      What goes into designing and implementimh network both local and wide area?

    • aecaccount profile image


      9 years ago

      hi your hub score get so high. i want my hub like you too.

      how long you did it?

    • oderog profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Nairobi

      @Kaabi - Thanks for spending time in Local Area Network Design and Implementation

    • Kaabi profile image


      9 years ago from Maryland

      So this was your first hub? Very interesting!

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      10 years ago

      how do i prepare a good final year project on design and implementation on lan.tnx


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