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Locating Your Model and Serial Plates

Updated on February 15, 2014
Model and Serial Plates
Model and Serial Plates

Finding the model and serial plates on products that you own is usually done when you need to have these fixed or replaced by the manufacturer. These metal plates often carry information on them that not only helps you contact the manufacturer for what you need, but also carries other important particulars. Details like date of manufacture, model number, and serial number, which when given to the company that made it, will help them determine whether you are entitled to a free replacement, free repair, or if your item is out of its warranty period.

These plates are often placed in areas that are easy for people to locate, however not all companies place these plates in common locations. Some businesses even place these plates on different parts of their many different products, making it somewhat of a task to find them. There is a good reason for this madness though, and a lot of companies do use such a method for their plate placement needs.

To help you understand what we are getting at, here is an example. There is a company that produces lawnmowers and other garden tools that places these informational plates on different parts of their products. The reason why they do this is because of the fact that their merchandise comes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and designs. This makes the placement of these plates in one specific area for all rather difficult, hence the need to place these model and serial plates in different places for the variety of products that they have.

Model and Serial Number plate
Model and Serial Number plate

How to Find Your Model and Serial Plates

This method that is being used by various companies for their plate placement usually leaves some people confused as to where they can locate these plates. A lot of consumers tend to purchase more than one item from a specific company, especially if they find that these businesses produce really good products. While they might be able to find one model and serial plate in one area of a specific product made by a favored manufacturer, this does not guarantee that another product that is made by the same business will have its plate in the same area as well.

This particular dilemma is rather commonplace, and numerous companies find themselves being contacted by customers to help locate these informational plates for their warranty, repair and replacement needs. This can be a rather tricky situation to be in since these plates often carry the model information of the item. Calling a company to tell them that you don’t know what model the item is, and you cannot find the model and serial plate as well, will indeed cause some problems and may end up with you turning the product this way and that to find the plate in question.

To eliminate this rather tedious task, and to make the finding of your plates easier, some companies have turned to the internet to give their customers the help they need before they call customer service. These businesses release a list of products (usually with pictures) in a catalog form or PDF file that customers can check for where these informational plates can be found. The list will often consist of instructions as to where people can check for these plates, and if they need to remove certain parts to get to these plates or what.

Sometimes, these lists do not carry images but rather, they have instructions as to where your plates can be found. Since some of these businesses produce items in different models but are essentially the same types of items, they will tell you where they usually place these for such item groups. For instance, a company that produces kitchen appliances can tell you that all of their microwave ovens have these plates placed underneath the unit, directly underneath the control panel, while the refrigerators that they make will have these plates placed right beside the compressors of these things.

There are some lists however that say you need the model number in order to locate where the serial and model plate is placed. This is often done for those products that have the model number placed in areas that are easily visible, like directly underneath the brand or company logo placed on the product. You will find lists like these easily online by searching for the brand and adding the word “serial plate” beside it in the search term field of your favorite browser.

Model and serial label
Model and serial label


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