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Logan Paul Finds a Dead Youtube Star

Updated on January 8, 2018
BeforetheSequel profile image

A.R. Somoza, Is the creator of Before the Sequel. His main mission is to talk about his digitial consumption and share his experience.

Hello Virtual Explorers, I wanted to talk about Logan Paul's “We found a Dead Body Video” his worst video since his escape from Alcatraz movie. Now I'm not a fan of Logan Paul, I've never followed his rise to fame. The only video that appealed to me, was his tag team dab it video with Kevin Hart. Which I mainly watched for the comedian. I feel this topic needs to get addressed and brought to YouTube's safety content moderators attention, by every content creator big or small. Logan Paul is one of YouTube's biggest stars, that's made one of the biggest mistakes in his career.

Is that the look of shock or despair?
Is that the look of shock or despair?

The Power of Influencers

They're actions affect the you-tuber community. Some believe inappropriate videos like this are what caused the Adpocalypse. We have companies that don't want to be involved with anything offensive, be it racial, political, religious or negative. These companies have already build a culture and to have their ads in any type of offensive media, would play against their beliefs. Twisting the hand of google to get stricter on content moderation.

Yet we still haven't seen anyone BIG get publicly shamed, besides Pewd Die Pie losing his YouTube Red contract. For letting the N-Word slip out TWICE in a game of PUBG. Which apparently for Pewd Die Pie, losing the contract turned out to be a godsend in the end. Which he expressed in his video review of 2017. We have a special case with Logan Paul here. He actually filmed a dead body, edited the footage and photo-shopped a thumbnail with the corpse in tow. This is offensive content creation 101, and it still ended up on the trending's front page.

Sometimes Apologies Are Not enough

Logan Paul has stated that he didn't post the video to offend anyone or breach any policies with YouTube. Yet actions still speak louder than words. Logan went to a place called suicide forest in Japanese. For Christ sake, your setting up the scene to capture something offensive on camera. This offense is 100 times worse in comparison To other “toxic you-tubers” like Leafyishere, who got demonetized for just making fun of others content online. Which he's probably released a video on this very topic already.

Or VirtuallyVain who just plays First person shooters. While he voice-overs an African drug lord, pulling pranks on other players in team death-match. Logan Paul has also stated he didn't post the video for views because he already has plenty. If that's the case then he wouldn't mind if YouTube swiftly took action and demonetize his whole entire page. I'm sure he could start a Patreon.

A path without Youtube

Logan Pauls hardcore fanatics of teenagers could fund it with their parent's credit cards. Whose testimonial Vlogs (video logs) are said to be making the situation worst for Logan Paul. The fans are rushing to the defense of their lauded hero, which is cute and innocent from their point of view. Yet they fail to understand like any youth would. The hero just pissed on someone's grave... but with jokes.

The Stress of it all eventually got to Mr. Paul, as he's tweeted to be going on short leave from YouTube to sort out his mind. A paid leave of absence as he continues to rack up money on ad revenue from his videos. It may be shocking to fans but celebrities are human and make mistakes and as a responsible adult you need to own up to those mistakes. YouTube has hence put a strike on his channel, if he garners two more strikes before a three-month probational period he'll get the boot from YouTube. Which is unlikely to happen since he is one of the poster boys of the website.


It's not like I'm hating on Mr. Paul, but the thought of my nephews, who are in their early teens. Were maybe one of the six million viewers, and whats worse also part of the group of 500,000 viewers who liked the video. Let that sink into your head folks... how easily children can be desensitized to the cruel footage presented by their favorite celebrity.

In the end, the biggest star in this whole controversy is YouTube. Will they take the appropriate measures against Logan Paul, as they have taken for countless others? Or will favoritism and back door politics take place instead, shrouding the workplace for you-tubers in a thick capricious cloud? What do you think fellow virtual explorers? Leave your comments below and remember to share and subscribe. This has been A.R. Somoza From Before the sequel. See you next time.


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