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Logitech G500 Gaming Mouse Review: So Accurate It’s Scary

Updated on September 16, 2010

Fans of corded gaming mice have depended on Logitech’s G5 and MX-518 for years. The MX-518 especially is recommended almost religiously on message boards such as [H]ard|Forum. Senior members that own nearly every gaming mouse released by Logitech poked holes in the MX-518 fanboyism, since it was perpetuated by people who haven’t tried the latest mice. Those that have used the G500, MX-518 and G5 almost always preferred the G500.

The G500 is the successor of the Logitech G5. The overall rounded shape of the G500 is nearly identical to its relative. The blue and black electricity theme of the G5 has been replaced with a distressed black and metallic speckled finish. The G500’s design pattern has heavily been criticised so I wasn’t expecting much from its appearance when seen in person. Personally, I was pleasantly surprised by the matte look once it arrived in the mail. It became apparent that it is a tough mouse to photograph, which was also responsible for some of my earlier doubts. The section that looked worn or burned to others is obviously darkened to make the Logitech logo stand out. The effect is reproduced on the left and right mouse buttons, perhaps for the sake of consistency.

There are three buttons placed above the thumb rest. Naturally you can assign any function to each with Logitech’s specialized version of SetPoint for gaming mice. There are forward, back and a red stop icons printed on the buttons so the multimedia and web applications are obvious. Of course this is where WoW fanatics will be triggering their most used spells.

Logitech is now using the same hyper-infinite scroll wheel on both gaming and office mice. Some gamers may be disappointed by the ratcheting mode because it doesn’t make an obvious click when you move up and down. It’s great for most applications but may create a learning curve for gamers who use the scroll wheel to change weapons. Until you get a feel for it, you may find yourself going one click to far at the most crucial moments. By pressing the button immediately below it, the scroll wheel moves freely, allowing you to blast your way down long web pages. It’s a fun feature but definitely not something you can’t live without.

The red LED indicator on the left hasn’t changed since the past incarnation. Any combination of three bars light up to display the accuracy settings. By pressing the plus and minus buttons, you can adjust DPI on the fly, in increments of 100 DPI. The G500 boasts capabilities that go up to an almost ridiculous 5,700 DPI. By utilizing the highest accuracies you are able to fly around the screen with NASCAR speed. You can also make slight, detailed movements although it takes some getting used to at such high settings.

The dazzling accuracy and responsiveness of this mouse is what makes it a stand-out product. After dealing with lag issues with Logitech’s wireless MX1100, I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to go back to a wired mouse.

The G5’s famous weight tuning system has been incorporated into the G500 with some changes. The weight cartridge now accepts six weights instead of eight. You can choose from either 1.7g or 4.5g weights. Alternatively, you can use none. Frankly, I found this extreme level of control gimmicky at first but grew to appreciate it. As a test I loaded the G500 with six 1.7g weights, got a feel for it, and then swapped in six 4.5g weights. The difference was indeed noticeable and in this case I preferred the feel of the mouse with heavier weights. Die-hard gamers may see an advantage to mixing and matching both types of weight. Only the anal retentive are likely to notice much of a difference, as at that point you are measuring how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.

The mouse has a no-tangle nylon braided cable that provides more than enough length for most setups. It looks great but is also prone to fraying so it is wise to prevent friction at the edge of your desk.

G500 Review Verdict

The G500’s dazzling accuracy will be appreciated not only by gamers but anyone who desires outstanding performance. If only more Graphic Designers and CAD users knew that those fancy wireless mice are standing in the way of drawing the cleanest lines.

Logitech’s G500 succeeds as the successor of the G5, and also gives long time MX-518 users several reasons to upgrade. A scroll wheel specialized for gaming would have been nice. However, once you get past the learning curve you won’t miss the old standby.


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    • LennyP profile image

      LennyP 6 years ago from Iowa

      This is the mouse I use. It has a great feel to it and is a huge upgrade over the one that came with my computer.