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Logitech Wireless Anywhere Mouse MX Review: Trash or Treasure?

Updated on September 2, 2010

Let’s face it. Most travel mice are ‘meh’ products in terms of performance and features. Sure, small is cool but other than that there isn’t much to get excited about.

Logitech is attempting to change all that with the Anywhere MX which is aimed at tech enthusiasts that want the latest tracking technology in a tiny package. Like its big brother the Performance MX, the mouse features “Darkfield laser tracking.” A laser on the bottom of the mouse illuminates the terrain on a surface, which the mouse uses to compensate for bumps and textures.

That means it will track accurately even on irregular surfaces including denim jeans, carpeted floors, Dalmatians and the hood of a vintage Chevy. Its biggest selling point is the ability to work on reflective glass thicker than 4mm. When tested on a glass sliding door, it tracked as advertised.

The ability to sense movement in less than ideal situations is ideal for travel, so Anywhere MX users may be benefiting from the technology more than those using the big, honk’n Performance MX.

As great as all these new capabilities are, great performance on smooth surfaces is still king. When you use it on a wood-laminate desk the movement tracks nicely and is responsive as expected.

Under the hood of the Anywhere MX.
Under the hood of the Anywhere MX.

The Anywhere MX certainly isn’t for penny pinchers. Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 is pretty comparable for less money. It may not be better by a landslide; however the Anywhere mouse is currently top dog in the realm of travel mice due to its exceptional tracking performance.

The design is perfectly symmetrical to accommodate both left- and right-handed people, although lefties might find the two thumb buttons on the left side a touch awkward.

The scroll wheel either moves in tiny increments like a traditional mouse or will spin freely when you press down the wheel to change modes. The “infinite scroll” option especially comes in handy when viewing long web pages or Word documents. It can be clicked to the left of right to move horizontally. This is handy for laptops as you may be viewing large documents on a small screen. The button below the wheel activates Windows Vista Flip 3D where you can view all open windows at once.

The Anywhere uses Logitech's super tiny "Unifying" receiver, which runs at 2.4GHz. It didn’t noticeably interfere with other Wi-Fi signals and does not have the annoying “line-of-sight problems” common with Logitech earlier infrared receiver.

One the bottom is the Darkfield tracking unit, on/off switch for conserving power, and battery compartment. It is powered by either one ‘AA’ battery or two, depending on how much life you need. The mouse is a 25g lighter with one battery and it changes up the feel. So it also comes down to weight preference.

Review Verdict

The Anywhere MX is a feature-rich, great performing mouse. Since it’s a top-end niche product, it doesn’t have much competition besides maybe the Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000. The only negative points of note are that it lacks Bluetooth support and is higher priced than the competition. If you don’t lust for Bluetooth, put this slick little puppy on your short list.


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