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Logitech Z506 5.1 Surround Speakers Review

Updated on March 17, 2015

In order to counter any excessively high expectations and avoid disappointment, the buyer should be aware of what the Logitech Z506 is not. The Z506 is not adapted for large living rooms or high-end media such as Blu-ray movies or games on Xbox/ PS3 which are of the highest quality.

  • With the Logitech Surround Sound Speakers Z506 you will have the great surround sound for your music, movies and games
  • Connect the speaker system according to your preferences and connect up to four audio sources like PC, game console, iPod, DVD player and much more
  • The speakers guarantee rich and immersive surround sound with 3D Stereo
  • Thanks to 75 watts of total RMS power, you can also fill large spaces with sound and shake the floor
  • Scope of delivery: 5 speakers, 1 subwoofer Color-coded speaker cable, audio cable (3.5mm jack and 6-Channel Direct - RCA audio cables are not included with the delivery), manual, 2 years warranty

The Logitech Z506 advertises as 5.1 surround which is actually not possible because both the optical and HDMI inputs are missing. If you want all of this, you may just have to spend a little more money as quality comes at a price.

Logitech Z506 Speaker
Logitech Z506 Speaker

At this point, I would recommend the Logitech Z5500. That said then, what is the Logitech Z506 good for? The Logitech Z506 is a good investment for those people who like listen to music on their PC or for gamers as they are better than in-built speakers that come with the devices.

In conjunction with a good sound card such as the X-Fi Gamer, the system provides crystal-clear sound and clean bass/ treble even at high volumes. Games seem realistic as the shooters’ bullets literally whiz around the ears and grenades explode with powerful bass.

One problem is that when you set the sound to maximum, there are significant distortions, but at this price range it is expected.

The Logitech Z506 comes with high quality satellite speakers to deliver a complete sound experience.
The Logitech Z506 comes with high quality satellite speakers to deliver a complete sound experience.

Comparison of the Logitech Z506 and Logitech X540

Both devices do not have much difference when it comes to sound. The X540 features a remote that you can use to adjust sound and activate the matrix mode (though this will rarely be used if you have the appropriate sound card).

In the Logitech Z506 the bass control is located directly on the subwoofer and the system brings 5W more power for connecting to different sound sources, which is not possible with the X450.

The decisive factor is clearly the design, which is significantly smaller and has less intrusive features. On a small desk therefore, the Logitech Z506 is much better than the X540.

At just under $70, you get a very good speaker system with a beautiful, slim design for playing music and games on the PC. Assuming you have a good sound card, the Z506 delivers great sound with great bass. If you can do without digital 5.1 sound, you might also consider purchasing it for the PS3/Xbox.

To use the five speakers o your Windows PC, you may need to configure the sound card to be adapted to the output settings in Media Player. This is usually done by right-clicking on the speaker icon in the Windows taskbar (the rest is rather intuitive) or the settings tab in popular media players.

The plastic cases are relatively small and can therefore be placed on smaller desks without a problem. Its modern and timeless black adapts well with the solid black monitors and TVs too.

Its housing has no sharp edges and the grids in front of the membranes are mounted without any blemishes.

Volume control on both the right front speakers and the subwoofer is tight and does not have any play. Also, its weight is a clear manifestation of the kind of high quality you will get inside the speaker.

After playing only a few songs in the Pop, Electro, House and instrumental genres, I was fully convinced that Logitech had done a solid job once again. The sound is clear and the bass is suppressed in a nice way.

What is most enjoyable about the Logitech Z506 is how the sound fills the room – in a 12 m² room, you feel like you are right in front of the speaker no matter where you are standing. Here I would recommend that you turn off the system when it is not in use.

As stated earlier, the 5.1 surround will only come to life when using gaming consoles. Shooters and vehicles are perceived in a virtual environment that is very life like.

When it comes to price/performance ratio, the Z506 is not really a high-end sound system and is not recommended for movie experience on large projector screens in large room. But for use on the PC, the speaker performs really well. Based on previous experience with Logitech speakers, the Z506 is definitely going to keep you going for a long time.


Unlike other speakers, the Logitech Z506 does not give out a humming sound even if you turn the volume all the way to the top.

Sure, the Z506 is not comparable to high-end systems which go for anything above $1500, but for just $80 they are suited for common multimedia applications on the PC.

Subwoofers are neatly incorporated in the system and the other speakers do not rattle like is common with other brands.

In addition, the speaker sound can be set to correspond to your PC equalizer. Stereo sources can be distributed to all the five speakers to simulate surround. The speakers feel surprising heavy especially in the centre.

The cables are all long enough, especially the rear speakers which are 5 metres. It is also possible, using the Realtek HD drivers, to amplify or attenuate satellite speakers individually- depending on the position of course.

You can also connect the Z506 to other audio sources. You can now get 5.1 surround on Media Player by right clicking on the speaker icon in the taskbar ->Playback Devices -> Select Standard Speaker -> Configuration. Once there, make the appropriate settings.

In addition, the codec settings should be checked since the filters are often set to stereo. Otherwise, the speakers work perfectly for me. The only thing that bothers me is the bass control – you have to awkwardly reach under the desk at the back of the subwoofer to set fast times on the controller.

The manufacturers could have put the satellite speakers next to the volume control. Maybe it is because of getting used to the previous models, but generally speaking the Logitech Z506 is a decent device at the current price point.


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