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Logitech g35 7.1 channel surround sound headset

Updated on July 16, 2011

Loved gaming? If so, you must be courageous enough to delve in to the wonders of another world, another pesona, another story through these games. Think about monsters, fairies, nymphs, and other creatures, or how about a military conquest about to take over a country? How about a flashback through legends of history in which you are blessed with god like skills? You can take over another dimension, you become another character, you are very into details with the movements and the abilities, and also you loved how you click and type away during your game play. However, you wouldn’t really appreciate your game without one thing. The sounds.

True, the sounds creates a different world; and its one great factor in a game. It could be mysterious, or loud, or subtle. The background music always creates that certain dimension, that particular feel. The commanding voices of the characters and the sound effects of every blast, and every vehicle or aircraft is just convincing. No games have been ever successful without good sound effects. And what better way to enjoy it than wearing a headset of your own—away from all the clutter and sounds from the outside. And since we’re into headsets, here is the most recommended gaming headset: The logitech g35 7.1 channel surround sound.

Logitech, a company that has provided us with many gaming and computer peripherals, creates a product suitable for your audio and gaming needs. The logitech g35 7.1 channel surround sound headset is special headset with a Dolby surround sound technology. It gives a detailed sound field, making you hear your nemesis approaching before they notice you. This is your perfect partner for your gaming amusement—with its headphone design, it stimulates the acoustics of your games’ sound effects and reduces external sounds for your pleasure. You can enjoy your action based games and even high definition movies in your desktop without being bothered by your roommate or other loud outside noises.

This gaming headset cancels exterior sounds, allowing you to give the full experience of the games you watch. It also has a microphone which focuses on your voice, and decreases surrounding noises. It has three swappable head bands, mainly thick, thin, and then a contoured design and you can choose from either designs and see which fits you best. It also has its on ear audio controls, for your easy use to the mic, the volume, and the other sound alteration. You can even disguise your voice when gaming with a software that is included in the package; have fun using the morphing options, you can sound like the character you play in your game. It has an easy USB connection for a crisp and clear audio sound.

Having this headset gives you an atmosphere of having your own Yamaha ysp 4000 or a Yamaha surround in your home. With detailed sound, full background music, and crisp vocals, you can enjoy your gaming time within your own world. Manipulate and adjust its sound controls, use comfortably with the interchangeable straps and listen comfortably with its padded designs. Experience the uniqueness of this audio equipment and use it even with your portable game! This could work well as a ps3 headset or your other gaming devices as long as its connectors are appropriate. Have fun with your new world, with the best of the sounds, all by using logitech g35 7.1 channel surround sound headset.


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