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Longevity of YouTube Attraction Power

Updated on December 27, 2010

Passive Attraction Power

Anyone who promotes online should be looking for all the passive attraction they can find, it's free and keeps working while you sleep. I noticed a YouTube video that I set up 3 years ago has been steadily bringing in more contacts and referrals with no additional effort on my part beyond setting it up and getting it started. It now has over 2,000 views and I have seen a steady stream that just doesn't quit.

Yesterday I started digging into why this keeps happening and my observations gave me a big smile. Mind you, I am no SEO expert by any stretch of the imagination, but seeing my creations on the first page (especially at the top) always gives me a thrill. What really made me smile, was to see a search for 'splash page' on YouTube itself put my video on the first page of results and 'splash page for dummies' ranked at the top.

I know the Google Keyword Tool doesn't even show 'splash page for dummies' as a worthy search term to go for, but I am sure happy with the results for the amount of effort it took and it's still working after three years? Maybe the gurus don't have all the answers.


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