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Losing your cell phone

Updated on July 29, 2009
This one is already old
This one is already old

"Aaaaand I lost my cell phone. Rovery." ( A Facebook status)

With today's state of smaller than practical electronics, this is a common lament amongst users of the cell phone. (BTW I would think that "Rovery" is this individuals way of expressing the thought of "lovely". It also took me a while to figure out that BTW means "by the way. I also remember using slide rules, pay phones and reel-to-reel tape recorders in my day)

The other real problem with the cell phone is the small keys that you are supposed to use to enter text and phone numbers. My fingers are at least 10 times bigger than most of the keys so pressing multiple keys would be really quite normal for me. The day will come that you will be able to speak to your phone to enter information. It is already most annoying to see people in a parking lot, mall or other public place carrying on conversations that are not meant for you. The wart that some people have in their ear (aka Bluetooth) is also something I really don't get. What can be so important that you wear that all day. I have seen people play an entire charity golf tournament with that thing stuck in their ear. I guess they feel the potential incoming call is very important.

Technology is a wonderful thing but sometimes it isn't designed to be practical for the user. Here's an idea for the "lab rats" in the electronics industry. Instead of working on new ideas for telephony work on telepathy so we can transfer our thoughts into that damn machine. It will need a good censorship device. I would believe that the real thought going through the loser of the cell phone should not be published here. Rovery would be only 4-letters long.


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