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Lost in the Blog

Updated on June 10, 2019
This is a way you can get lost in the blog
This is a way you can get lost in the blog

Lost in the Blog

Blogging can be limitless but can being lost in a blog post be limitless? Yes it can if the post that you are writing is going really good you could get lost in it for hours and not even know it until you hit the publish button. When you get lost in a blog post a lot of other things get missed like eating for example since you are writing in such a limitless capacity you forget that you need to nourish your body in order for it to be able to function. You can continually write and forget about everything else that needs to be done. that is how you can get lost in the blog limitlessly.

When you hear the term lost in the blog what is your first reaction what is the term lost in a blog? How can someone be lost in a blog? That just isn’t possible or is it? Only people who blog would probably understand what I am getting at through this post. Lost in the blog kind of sounds like lost in the fog well, in reality, being lost in a blog is kind of like being lost in the fog. Most of the time people who blog are lost in the limitless number of thoughts they have for the specific post, relating to their blog. Being lost in the blog is kind of like that, the blog just sucks you in and doesn’t let go of you until it finds what the blog has sucked you in for. Being lost in the blog is when you write for a limitless amount of time without looking up from your computer screen. It is just letting your mind run, wild with your fingers running across the keys of the computer to get the words out on paper.

Most of the time when you read blogs it is because what the person is blogging about is interesting to you. Or you read actresses and actors blogs because you want to be in the know about the Hollywood lifestyle. The same goes for blogs on fitness, the people who blog about fitness want you to read the blog so that they might help you on your fitness journey. How many people find themselves on the internet looking at blogs by other people and then look up at the clock and realize that they have been at it for hours?

What about if you are writing a blog post? Can be lost in the blog happen then? I know that I am new at this, blogging thing but I know from experience that yes being lost in the blog can happen. I don’t even mean working on multiple posts at once I mean just working on one blog post. When you are lost in the blog what do you think it means? Well, it could mean a lot of different things, you could be lost in the blog just staring at a blank page willing yourself to write something down. Or you could be lost in a thought over a post and just write away for hours. The writing away for hours is what being lost in the blog is all about. Staring at the blank page is when you have writer's block. I have had both of those recently. When you are lost in the blog you are lost in thought and can’t stop writing. Or reading depending on how you define lost in the blog, for example, if you are one of those people that write blogs, you can be lost in the blog reading up on how to improve your own blog.

I have posted a bunch of helpful tips about blogging to my Pinterest page, and over the last week, I decided to just come up with blogging ideas. When you are coming up with blogging ideas you are lost in the blog as well because you are trying to come up with things that people are going to read. Also coming up with ideas, makes you really think about how you are going to write a specific piece. But is there actual definitions of being lost in the blog? No, it’s everyone perception of what being lost in the blog is. For me being lost in the blog is just typing and not looking up until your fingers hurt. When that happens you finally look down at the time or the word count and realize how much you have actually done, and how long it took you. Although if you are trying to get things done in an hour I would advise that you stop.

Lost in the Blog
Lost in the Blog

Be a part of the blog post

Trying to write a good post in an hour, can happen yes, but how much thought have you actually put into that post? If you really want to get something out of your blog you have to put in the effort. Sometimes my posts take me two to three hours just to write. I know people can write some in an hour, I have done that, but what about trying to put more time and effort into it, it will get your blog further.

Getting lost in the blog post that you are writing is a good thing because then you are putting a lot of feeling into the post. This happens when you are either reading other people’s blogs or writing your own blog posts. I do recommend continuous research about blogging and other people’s blogs, and if you lose yourself in this research then that person’s blog has captivated your attention and it has done its job. If it doesn’t then it hasn’t done its job. Blogs are meant to captivate your attention and keep you reading the post until the end and each post should bring up your own questions for the author of that blog. I have noticed this throughout my research and throughout the writing of my own blog. Some people might even think getting lost in the blog is not a good idea. You don’t want to lose yourself in someone else’s writing, you don’t like being captivated?

I think that if someone loses themselves in someone else’s blog to the point where they are captivated by what the person is saying, it is a good thing. If you can keep someone’s attention for a half hour to an hour, that is good considering you put so much time into writing your post you want people to actually read it and think about it, not just skim over it.

Has anyone gotten lost in a book and loved it? Well, it is the same for a blog. Blogs are little stories that either relates to your life or tell you something about something else, that can relate your life. Why would you not want to read that? Losing yourself in blogs that other people have written can be beneficial they can help you if you are having trouble with things or they can put things into perspective that you didn’t even know you were having issues with.

If you have read blogs have you ever gotten lost in them and why do you think that you do? I have read a few blogs and have gotten lost in them because the words are just so captivating and they relate to what I am either thinking about or going through at the time. There are limitless amounts of things going on in the world and many people are blogging about it, so why not look up some blogs and see what they do for you. You may enjoy getting lost in the blog.

A perfect quote for getting lost in the blog
A perfect quote for getting lost in the blog

Blogging takes time and yes you can get lost in it

Blogging takes time and dedication. If you are really into what you are writing you can easily get lost in it. That is when the best writing comes out though when you are lost in the writing of a blog post. You feel as though you are one with the post and write limitlessly until it is finished. I have been lost in blog posts many times I just keep writing and writing and before you know it, it is the afternoon already and I have been sitting in front of my computer for hours without even realizing it. That is how someone can get lost in their blog posts.

Have you ever been lost in a blog post let's talk about it

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