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VIZIO HDTV with Internet Apps - Best Price

Updated on November 14, 2010
The VIZIO VF552XVT -- image credit:
The VIZIO VF552XVT -- image credit:

VIZIO Class XVT Series Internet Apps HDTV -- Best in Class

The new VIZIO XVT series with Internet Apps offers the wide world of online content with VIZIO Internet Apps (VIA™). Connect your VIZIO HDTV to the Internet and have fun. Watch movies on demand. With VIZIO Internet Apps you can check Facebook, search the Internet and much more.

Reviews for the VIZIO Class XVT Series are highly favorable.

Where to get the best deal on a VIZIO Class XVT HDTV

VIZIO markets its products through discount channels including Amazon, Walmart's, SamsClub, and Costco. VIZIO sells through discount channels in an effort to deliver more value to the you and to keep VIZIO's prices lower than competitive brands. Other points of sale for VIZIO: Dell and Target.

Each discount channel has an online store with shipping direct to your home. There's a lot to be said for the convenience of receiving your VIZIO at home. You save time and avoid the hassle of driving to the store. As you compare prices, be sure and add in shipping charges. Deals on some online stores include free shipping.

If you're looking for the best deal, be sure to compare online store prices with the cash and carry price that you would pay if you purchased your VIZIO direct from your local discount store.

Also check for coupon deals either from the online stores, or cash and carry coupon deals. Google "coupon savings,vizio xvt" and look for savings.

Finally, check the warranty and return policy at each store.

Price deals from Costco, Sam's Club and Walmart online stores

Online deals on VIZIO VF552XVT with Internet Apps.

Here is the current online deal from Costco

Here is the current online deal from Sam's Club

Here is the current online deal from Walmart

The new VIZIO XVT series comes in 42-inch, 47-inch and 55-inch models . . .

. . . all models include --

  • blazing refresh rate (240 times a second).
  • full 1080p High Definition razor sharp resolution with over 2 million pixels.
  • 802.11n dual band wireless networking. Use this wireless feature or the Ethernet cable port to connect to Internet and VIZIO Internet Apps (VIA™).
  • VIZIO Internet Apps (VIA™) with easy connection to the Internet and streaming movies, TV shows, music, the latest news, sports and weather. VIA comes with Amazon Video on Demand, Flickr, Netflix, Rhapsody, Twitter, VUDU and Yahoo TV Widgets pre-loaded on the TV, ready to launch onscreen at the touch of a button on the remote. Discover and download more apps from other content and service providers by browsing the gallery of apps that is dynamically updated right on your VIZIO HDTV.

Why buy VIZIO?

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