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Luxurious, modern sound: A review of audio-techinica wireless headphones ATH-SR5BT

Updated on October 17, 2016

These days, there are more reasons than ever to go wireless with your headphones. The new iPhone does not have a phone jack, it's easier to carry on telephone conversations without being bound by wires -- which can be extra snarly when traveling -- and it's safer to keep your smart phone or other device hidden.

As for you sound and music purists, you're already well aware that you've had to settle for less richness in tone from condensed music files from CDs and MP3 files for several years now. Recently, though, there have been developments in larger music file formats, allowing for some of the lost depth to return. Smartphones, personal computers and other file storage devices have astoundingly larger capacities, as well. The CD sound levels were standardized at 44.1 kHz/16-bit.

The new high bar is Hi-Res Audio, generally considered to be 96 kHz/24-bit or better. Audio-Technica is at the forefront of reproducing and capturing the new complexity level with their ATH-SR5BT wireless headphones. I was happy to be hosted to experience them!

These are over-the-ear style headphones, better for surrounding your ear canals with sound. The leather that touches your skin is like the softest, butteriest sofa. The technology created within the cups was specially designed for how the sound comes out.

As a former professional musician and agent/manager to several famous musicians, I expect a lot from audio equipment. Many of the iconic recordings from a century ago may have been "remastered," but you'll never get all of the nuances without Hi-Res Audio. I know musicians in A-List bands who refuse to listen to their own chart topping recordings in any format other than Hi-Res Audio!

For your information, the Hi-Res aspect of the headphones are not available during Bluetooth use . . . as fun as that is. You have to use a wire (included). The straight end should go directly into the headphone jack, with the angled end going into your device's jack. For wire free use, you have to charge up the headphones with a USB cord (included) for several hours.

Though the inline button is supposed to control volume, fast forwarding, muting, etc., I find that it is mainly the mute function that's the least fiddly, most intuitive of the controls. I prefer adjusting volume and song repeats on my device. You can get 38 hours of wireless music play.

The smartphone-compatible ATH-SR5BT remembers the last eight wireless devices for ready pairing with favorite audio sources.

Even when talking on the phone -- which I find myself doing all day and most of night -- these are comfortable headphones to wear. People on the other end of the line understand me crystal clearly.

These are luxurious, all-purpose headphones.

5 stars for Audio-Technica SR5BT wireless headphones


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    • Paxash profile image

      Darcie Nadel 

      2 years ago from Louisiana

      I've been trying to go wireless with my work setup. I'll definitely keep these headphones in mind for that.


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