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Luxury cases for iPad: what is the deal with them

Updated on June 22, 2012

Luxury ipad cases are ideal for the consumer. Its has the ability to protect the your luxury device from getting dirty or scratched. In addition, luxury cases for ipad are also a fashion statement. From Gucci to Chanel these luxury cases tend to be costly, even more so then the ipad itself. Nevertheless, luxury cases are ideal for the Apple fans who desire to adorn their devices with expensive accessories. Below are a few examples of the best ipad luxury cases currently available to the consumer.

The first one is the NewerTech iFolio. An hand crafted Brazilian case made from durable leather. This case will not safely hold your ipad but it will keep other important documents and cards well protected. However, the size and bulkiness of this is not ideal for a user who travels frequently.

Vaja iVolution Top Crystal is another beautiful example of hand crafted cases. The front leather cover is elaborately designed and is embed with precisely cut luxury crystals that create and absolutely admirable cover. Nevertheless, with such a design comes a price, this specific handcrafted model cost three hundred and fifty dollars.

Louis Vuitton custom IPad cases will be hitting the stores in 2011 for the price of 360$. Cases will be designed in two famous Louis Vuitton signatures, Monogram and Damier Graphite design. These light weight luxury cases for ipad are extremely portable and easy to carry. However, these cases do not have many functions and provide less protection then other bulkier cases.

Last but not least iSkin cases provide the consumer a colorful and ultra portable way to protect their ipads. The new iSkin duo and iSkin Vu premium ipad cases are perfect for people who uses their ipad on a day to day basis. Still users who travel on airplanes or go on long road trips should consider purchasing a more bulkier case that provide more protection.

The iSkin duo is a thin case mode of molded silicon with additional protective covers. The sleek skin of the covers keep dust and lint off. Also, the iSkin duo is available in seven different colors.

The iSkin Vu is a sturdier and rugged case with hard plastic shield conveniently placed on the back. This case has a hatch on the bottom that gives you the ability to dock your iPad even with the skin still on.

All of the cases mentioned above are worth the money. The question that remains is: can you afford them?


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