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M-Audio BX5a Reference Studio Monitors

Updated on May 21, 2011

The Bi-Amps Make The Difference

A hot topic among studio engineers is always which type of speakers are best to mix with. What's the perfect speaker for one will be something different for another. Should you spend money on a great sounding pair of speakers that have their own unique sound? You can get a great sounding mix on them only to find it doesn't sound so good on most other systems.

It would be crazy to expect a great all around mix using only one pair if monitors. It's good to have a great expensive pair but you need to also reference with a really cheap pair as well. Not necessarily a bad system but not really high-end either.

Obviously, the more natural sounding they are the better results you're going to get. We can find such speakers that fit the description here and at a very low price too. I can tell you that the BX5a model made by M-Audio are this type of speaker.

M-Audio has found their place in the market, delivering good equipment at a very good price. Now, we're not talking about the high end stuff that's in the over a thousand dollar range but stuff that's accessible for the everyday home studio.

Geeze, if we all had to spend that kind of money our home studios would never get done.

The Bi-Amps Are The Key

Speakers selling in a lower price range just don't have the Bi-Amps. This means that both the high end and the low end speakers have their own dedicated power which makes for a much better efficiency in frequency response. We're after a better sounding speaker and that's it right there. M-Audio's AV40's use a single amp to drive power to both high and low end speakers.

Considering that the M-Audio Studiophile 70 watt BX5a's cost about $100 more than the AV40's it's well worth the difference when you hear these two studio reference monitors side by side.

The BX5a monitors come as a 75 watt model and a 130 watt model called the Deluxe.

Regardless of which studio monitor you'll be using on your upcoming mixes, wattage rating aside, don't by-pass the bi-amp!


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    I chose to post a video focusing on only showing how the BX5a's look like upclose because it' just doesn't make sense to preview the sound of speakers on your computer since the person listening is using their own speakers and so would not hear anything other than that. See M-Audio BX5a for more information.

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