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M-Audio Pedal for Your Digital Piano/Keyboard: The Best Sustain Pedal For Your Home Recording Studio

Updated on December 29, 2012

Aside from the midi controller, the musician’s next best friend is a pedal. What do pedals do? On the piano, pedals make music sound smoother by sustaining the sound until the pedal is lifted up. The same goes for the pedal that you connect to your midi controller.

The M-Audio Sustain Pedal


If you are recording a backing track with a piano instrument, a pedal will almost be a must-have, lest your music sound jerky and disjointed. An exception to this would be if your piano part resembles an organ, or if you do not have any sustaining notes in the piano part - which is very unlikely.

My favorite sustain pedal is the M-Audio Sustain Pedal. It looks really cool and authentic, but it also produces a natural sounding sustain effect on your music. When you press the pedal, feels like a real pedal on a piano, and so it is not awkward to use at all. Some of the pedals are squarish and flat - playing them feel unnatural and it often takes some time to get used to them too - especially the muscle movements involved -how high to lift your feet and how gentle to place them back down again.

The M-Audio Sustain Pedal also has a rubber base. This is especially helpful if you don’t want it to scratch your floor. Some pedals often move back each time you press them down - with each press the pedal moves back and your feet are left stretching further and further out... kinda hilarious to describe, but not that funny when you are trying seriously to record a song without mistakes! I really like my M-Audio Pedal, as it does not give me any of these problems.

The M-Audio Pedal is what many music technology instructors recommend too. In music technology labs, it is not uncommon to find work stations with midi controllers and headphones, but NO sustain pedals. I am not sure what the reason is - the ease of which pedals can be unplugged and stolen by dishonest individuals perhaps? But the M-Audio brand is well established as the brand many music schools use to furnish their music labs. If you are looking to set up your own music home recording studio, I highly recommend this pedal especially if you are a music student or pianist.

More Pedals For Different Effects

There are other pedals that musicians use, for creating different effects when they plays instruments such as the guitar. Check them out here!


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