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MC Hammer Goes Big wit Search Engine

Updated on March 21, 2013

MC Hammer Goes Big Wit Search Engine

Best known for his massive rap single, “Can’t Touch This”, the high energy of his dancing and parachute pants that became a cultural landmark in 1990, helping to define a generation of dance music, MC Hammer has traveled on a long road since then. From bankruptcy to finding religion to pursuing business ventures that include backing MMA fighters, MC Hammer has now launched a new effort that attempts to challenge Google for search engine supremacy. “WireDoo” is the result of two years of research and has now entered “pre-Beta” testing that promises to revolutionize how popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo work.

Taking on big challenges is nothing new to the rapper turned investor, but taking on the king of the search engines, Google, and their growing base of services is something might a person might think would give MC Hammer some pause. Yet his ambition appears unstoppable in mounting what has to be one of the biggest challenges of his unique career.

While rap artists have ventured into other business areas before, such as Jay-Z, Sean Combs and Master P or Percy Miller and have been quite successful. The investments make by those artists were along the lines of their basic rap interests, such as clothing, television and building recording labels. MC Hammer has teamed with a group of researchers who plan on challenging the current Google search engine platform with an entirely new approach.

“WireDoo”, which was revealed only a few months ago, is based on over two years of research and testing. While the specific details of WireDoo remain hidden, we do know based on MC Hammer’s statements at the Web 2.0 summit held earlier in the year, that the approach is more topic based than keyword based, which is the core of the Google search engine.

In his statements, MC Hammer related that most search engines are keyword based and built on links. And that Google for example is not very good at connecting similar topics to the basic search, but instead focuses on keywords which can bring up a variety of other results. WireDoo however is topic based and as an example cited the web search a person might perform for a particular car. WireDoo will bring up not only the car, but all related info including local results of where to purchase such a vehicle. In essence, the search starts with the local area and branches outward.

Essentially, WireDoo is about relationships to topics and not just keywords. The tagline for WireDoo is “Search once and see what’s related.” MC Hammer said little more about the details of the new search engine save for one comment that it can bring up closely related topics in multiple verticals including financial information.

Google search does contain some of the elements MC Hammer describes about WireDoo, but the more important element is that to take on a search engine as popular as Google will take a revolutionary and more user friendly platform that Google currently offers to have people switch to another search engine.

Is it possible? People have counted out MC Hammer before and have been wrong.

MC Hammer Introduces His New Search Engine


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