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In computer networking introducing OSI refrence model

Updated on December 25, 2012

In computer networking introducing an OSI refrence model

  • In Computer Networking industry without proper introduction of OSI refrence model you can not go furthetr about Computer Networking.It is primary model for Network Communication.It is 7 layer mode.The 7 layer of OSI refrence model illustrating a particular function, which is known as layering.
  • By proper introduction and complete information about OSI refrence model we can easily understand,how information travel throughout the Network.
  • The OSI refrence model describes how data travels from application programs (For example Powerpoint slide, Access form etc),through a network medium,to an application program located in another computer,even if the sender and receiver are connected using different network media.


  • Application
  • Presentation
  • Session
  • Transport
  • Network
  • Data Link
  • Physical
  • Why we need OSI refrence model ?

To solve the problem of networks being incompatible and unable to communicate with each other, the ISO researched different network schemes.As a result of this research the ISO created a model that would help vendors create Networks that would be compatible witjh , and operate with other Networks.The OSI refrence model released in 1984.


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