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MIS Interview Tips for Excel/VBA/Access/SQL

Updated on August 4, 2011

50 MS Excel VBA Interview Questions

You may already have seen it or may be still looking for it, here I tried creating a space where you can see consolidated view of excel and VBA questions generally asked in Interview. You may add your own questions and answers too in the comment section to help others.

Ques 01. What is the difference between ByVal and ByRef and which is default ?

Ques 02. What is the meaning of Option Explicit and Option Base?

Ques 03. What are various data type and their size?

Ques 04. Difference between ActiveWorkbook and ThisWorkbook.

Ques 05. Code to find a Last used Row in a column or Last used column of a Row.

Ques 06. Difference between ActiveX and Form Controls.

Ques 07. What is the difference b/w Functions and Subroutines?

Ques 08. How to debug a VBA code?

Ques 09. Draw basic Excel Object Model.

Ques 10. What are properties, methods, events and objects?

Ques 11. How to hide a worksheet so that a user cannot unhide it?

Ques 12. Union is used for _____________ ?

Ques 13. Which are the 2 macro languages and which do you use ?

Ques 14. Can you lock cells such that only specific users can modify them?

Ques 15. How can you add a drop-down list to a cell so the user can choose a value from the list?

Ques 16. How can you increase the number of rows in a worksheet?

Ques 17. How can you increase the number of columns in a worksheet?

Ques. 18. How will you distribute a workbook such that it can't be copied using macro or anything?

Ques 19. Your colleague created a dashboard and when you enter a value, it appears with two decimal places. For example, when you enter 265 it shows up as 2.65. What's wrong?

Ques 20. How can you prevent a user for adding or deleting sheets?

Ques 21. What types of workbook protection are available?

Ques 22. The Font dialog box allows you to select different Fonts, their style, their size, and some other special effects. How do you bring up this Font dialog box?

Ques 23. What is ADO, OLEDB & ODBC?

Ques 24. How to set the custom paper size in Excel Object through VB?

Ques 25. What is the method for returning more than one values from a function in VB?

To view the answers click here --> 50 Excel VBA Oral Interview Questions


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