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MP3 Accessories - Speakers The Top 5 On A Budget

Updated on September 2, 2009

'MP3 Accessories - Speakers The Top 5 On A Budget'

All of us have a MP3 player nowadays, so what better to compliment your player than a great set of portable speakers. Below i have complied a list of the top 5 speakers if you are on a tight budget.

IHOME Rechargeable Mini Speakers

The first set of budget speakers for your MP3 player are the IHOME Rechargeable Mini Speakers, these great little speakers are ideal for traveling or even to use around the home. They have a great sound and deep bass thanks to the vacuum design. Small enough to fit in your hand these little speakers will be the talk of the town!

Sony Compact and Slim Travel Speaker

Great speakers on a budget with superior sound thanks to the neodymium magnet. These speakers require no batteries or external power source just plug and listen! great for traveling as the small size is ideal for the smallest of bags, all the great quality you come to expect from Sony for a great price!

iLuv Mini Portable Speaker

These highly portable speakers come with there own carrying pouch and are ideal for iPods, the great compact design is just right for small bags or pockets.

Coby 100-Watt 2.1-Channel Multimedia Speaker System

These great 2.1 channel speakers are ideal for a home set up either for your MP3 player or your computer. The sub woofer produces great deep bass which is ideal for movies.

i.Sound Audio Box Speakers

Now if you like to take your music with you when you are outdoors then this speaker system is ideal for you. Basically you place your MP3 player inside the box and connect and close, your MP3 player is totally protected in the hard case which is also waterproof. The speakers system also boast built in FM radio too!


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