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MSN Hotmail Login | My Funny Hotmail Story

Updated on July 21, 2011

My First Email Account - Hotmail Login

I was 12 years old when I got my first Hotmail login account. I remember that day like it was yesterday. Those were the days of the wild west Internet. I remember getting a random solicitation of the very adult kind from a person who had a Hotmail Login. I never associated hotmail to be one of the many email websites of the time. On a side note - nowadays, I have a myemail account that does almost everything.

Now, let me make it clear from the start, I had no intention of replying to this "person" because I had heard horror stories of Internet Predators and the like (yes they existed even then and are not a symptom of "modern times"). I wasn't looking for a date or a relationship with some weirdo. But I was intrigued by Hotmail itself and I told myself that I would get a Hotmail login for myself. You have to keep in mind, dear reader, that I did not know much about the Internet at the time and was a little scared that my online surfing activities would be reported to my parents in the monthly bill. But I was so captivated by the simple and catchy name - Hotmail.

I thought that Hotmail by its very name was an adult emailing service. Boy, was I naïve and so very wrong. So, in my teenage curiosity, I locked my bedroom door and proceeded to type in the potentially forbidden web address of

A Hotmail Login Will Not Get Me In Trouble?

I was so surprised when I saw a very PG website open up offering FREE email services. I had never heard of anything being given away for free and I was naturally skeptical. But I signed in anyway.

Hotmail was the brainchild of Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith who started it in the summer of 1996 and it was one of the very first web based email services of its kind. After selling it to Microsoft, the inventors of Hotmail made millions off of their brilliant idea.

Hotmail Login becomes MSN Hotmail Login

Way before Gmail came out and revolutionized email; a Hotmail login was the state of the art internet email service available. Of course, it had many copycats but it was always the best. In its Heyday, Hotmail had more than 30 million active members and was one of the most successful websites on the early World Wide Web. It is a legend on the Internet and it is a pleasure to know that 15 years down the line, I still hang on to the very first Hotmail account I made.

Hotmail was bought by Microsoft and MSN in 1997 for $400 Million. Since then, Microsoft has kept the service completely free and having a MSN Hotmail Login now entitles you to sign into a host of free MSN services. Of course now, you can also have your email end in or but having an email of the old Hotmail variety is still nostalgic and awesome in its own way.

One MSN Hotmail Login - Multiple Services

With one MSN Hotmail login, you can sign into a variety of services such as custom news, entertainment, custom weather alerts, a photo account, skydive and office sync. You can use all these services to streamline your work and personal life and you have to give credit to Microsoft for taking advantage of the millions of original Hotmail members by integrating them into the MSN experience.


I have multiple email accounts and each email service provides its own advantages. I am glad to have a MSN Hotmail Login account so I can take advantage of the awesome services that only MSN can provide.


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      eu perdi minha conta do hotmail e não tenho como ler os meus e-mails,de trabalho como eu faço por favor,me ajudem tem muitas coisa importantes de trabalho: