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MY BLOGS: My Two Cardinal Rules

Updated on June 29, 2013

Sample Blog: Content and Frequency

Starting A Blog: Content and Frequency

First of all, in the interest of full disclosure, in no way am I trying to pass myself off as an expert in Blogging. In fact, I am quite the opposite. I just recently started to blog on Tumblr. Everything that I share in this series of hubs is going to be my own personal observations.

I started a blog on Blogger a few years ago and enjoyed it for a week, but then life got busy and updating my blog fell to the wayside. Eventually I forgot all about it. A few weeks ago, I was struck with a renewed interest, so i set up an account on Tumblr but before I created a blog, I looked at few existing ones to see what it was all about.

In my mind, I came up with two cardinal rules that made a blog worthwhile: Content and Frequency.


Most of the blogs that I found contained the rantings and ravings of a random person, with little coherence and little purpose. Occasionally, there was a post of interest because it either educated or entertained, but most seemed irrelevant to anyone other than the original poster.After doing a search for a picture of a particular gravestone (for a separate project I was working on), the search results found a photo that would work perfectly for what I needed. I followed the link to the blog where it was posted, thinking that maybe I had found a good source for future times when I need similar pictures. Unfortunately, the posts surrounding the gravestone photo showed the blogger's obsession with Justin Bieber, a complaint about something that had happened earlier that day, an unpleasant reference to her ex-boyfriend, and an animated GIF that didn't seem relevant to anything.

Blog Rule #1: if I'm going to bother to do a blog, I'm going that all of my content is either educational or entertaining, and something that audience would want to keep up with on a regular basis. Pick a theme, explore all of the boundaries of that theme, but try to stay on topic. My favorite sports blog shouldn't have links tot he latest Beyonce song, and a political blog shouldn't waste my time with a photo of a kitten playing the piano.


The other thing that I noticed about many blogs is that if they don't get updated regularly, I tend not to visit very often. I saw some blogs that had up to twenty new posts per day. That's great to add a lot of content, but every time I got a notification on my dashboard that the blog I was following added something new, and after a while, it started to feel l like spam. Most blogging platform have the ability to queue posts and spread them out throughout the day or week.

On the flip-side, blogs that get updated too infrequently get forgotten, and when a post does finally get done, I found myself with little interest. There are thousands of blogs out there, If I have a special interest in flags, I can probably find three dozens blogs dedicated to the topic, but I'm gonig to follow the ones that have no content added regularly. If you only post once per month, I can get so much information on another blog that updates once per day.

Blog Rule #2, if I'm going to bother to do a blog, I'm going to update it on a regular basis, at least once per day, and at a consistent time each day so that my reader can know when to expect updates.

Now that I've got my two cardinal rules in place, the next decision is: what topic to blog about?


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