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Mac Tip: How to Display Passwords in the Keychain

Updated on May 30, 2010

These instructions were created for Mac OS X 10.6.3. Your Mac operating system may differ slightly.

Let's suppose you need to know a password that has been saved by Safari for automatic login. Unlike Firefox, you can't just open Safari Preferences, click a couple of buttons, and presto! You (and anyone else) can see saved passwords. Safari stores login passwords in your computer's Keychain. These instructions show you how to get those passwords when you need them.

1. Open Keychain Access in one of two ways:

  • Double-click the Macintosh HD icon, click the Applications folder, click Utilities folder,then double-click Keychain Access.
  • In Finder, Under GO, select Utilities folder, then double-click Keychain Access

2. Select a keychain: Login, System, or System Roots

3. Click Passwords in the Category list.

4. Double-click a keychain item.

5. Under Attributes, select the “Show password” checkbox.

6. Enter your keychain password (usually the same as your computer’s Administrator password).

7. To display the password for the keychain item, click Allow. The password will be displayed next to the “Show password” checkbox.


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