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MacBook Pro - Is it Worth the Price?

Updated on January 23, 2011

MacBook Pro got the looks and the brains

It has the looks. It has the processing power. The new Macbook Pro has a sleek design and stunning aesthetic appearance. It steals the hearts of people who wanted to own it. Many people would like to own it, if it is not for the price. You can get two Microsoft windows based laptops for the price of one Macbook Pro. I know some people argue that, it is worth every penny. Being a Microsoft windows user for over 10 years, I am yet to experience the magic of Mac.

I have been looking to buy a Macbook Pro myself. had it for $1098 during thanksgiving. That was the least price I could find online (unless I miss other websites offering for less).

How do you justify the cost?

Often the question comes to my mind is this. How can I justify the cost of Macbook Pro? In other words, do I really need a Macbook Pro for the daily tasks I do on my laptop. Frankly, for most of the tasks, I don't need a Macbook Pro.

But recently I came across a task which I felt Macbook (or any Mac family) would be more suitable. That is editing videos. I found that editing MP4 videos in windows based PC or laptop is a pain in the rear. Windows operating system comes with window movie maker. You can very easily edit movies of certain formats like avi and add audio and special effects. But window movie maker cannot edit MP4 videos. MP4 format videos have become more popular lately and you would get a fine quality video.

Apple MacBook Pro 13.3-Inch Laptop
Apple MacBook Pro 13.3-Inch Laptop

Mac OS is better suited for certain jobs

When I did some research on the internet for editing MP4 videos, I found some trial version software. Some trial versions take the MP4 version of the video and change the format to avi or mov. This resulted in loss of video quality. I even bought Quick Time Pro licensed version for my Windows Vista laptop. It never ran on windows vista and they don't give any refund for Quick time pro. There went my $30 bucks down the drain. Finally I found Sony Vegas 9 trial version which worked really well.

Then I came to know that Macbook or any other apple computers come with iMovie pre installed. I saw some videos on Youtube about editing using iMovie. Seems like editing MP4 video is a breeze in iMovie. At that time, I thought my next laptop would be Macbook. has the best price on MacBook Pro

Windows or Mac?

In my opinion, people switching to Mac operating system are increasing. May be they want to try a Macbook after using 3 or 4 windows based laptops or they vexed with virus issues, spyware and malware associated with windows operating system. Or may be they want to look cool at their buddies with a Macbook.

Seems like the people who are switching to Mac operating system are not regretting their decision. Some have become raving fans of Mac after several years of using Windows based PCs.

Coming back to the question of owning a Macbook, if the price is not an issue and you want to check how Macbook or Macbook Pro works for you, go ahead and buy one. Also you may want to consider buying one, if you do lot of video editing or graphics design. I will buy one for myself for my video editing needs and most importantly to get rid of the thought of not being able to afford a Macbook Pro.

Here is an update

I bought MacBook Pro for last Christmas through Amazon. I couldn't wait to get me Macbook Pro. It's been three weeks since I started using it (not extensively and moderately). 

Here is what I found:


1) I am really impressed with the design of Macbook Pro

2) When start and shutdown the Macbook Pro, it does it very quickly. It's like switching on & off of a light bulb.

3) Really like the lighted keyboard and it's sleek design.


1) Some of the keys you kind in Microsoft Windows based laptops are missing (like end & backspace)

2) You need to buy a MS office for Mac is you want to use it (you can use Open Office if you want to)


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    • Sekharg profile image

      Sekharg 7 years ago from USA


      Glad you liked it.

    • Daniel5 profile image

      Daniel 7 years ago

      Interesting, thanks for your comment on my hub