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How-to Develop applications with MacRuby on XCode 4 | App for Mac

Updated on October 20, 2011

MacRuby, unlike its predecessor RubyCocoa, is intimately tried to the Objective-C runtime and tightly coupled with the Cocoa Framework. A great way to learn MacRuby is to learn Ruby and to learn the Cocoa Framework. Both of these are beyond the scope of this article.

The first article in this series, “Ruby & Gems; How To Package and Deploy on a Apple Macbook” shows how to setup the foundation of a MacRuby app in XCode 4. This second installment will demonstrate the proverbial “Hello world” application.

I will pick up where I left off with the Rubies application first created in the first installment and add a button and label to display Hello and to also say “Hello” using the Audio libraries in Cocoa.

Start by locating and opening the AppDelegate.rb file and add the following code to the applicationDidFinishLaunching method:

 speak = ""
 @voice = NSSpeechSynthesizer.alloc.initWithVoice(speak)

You will also need to add the AppKit framework

Here is what the code in the file looks like:

#  AppDelegate.rb
#  Rubies
#  Created by Kevin Languedoc on 7/31/11.
#  Copyright 2011 kCodebook. All rights reserved.
framework 'AppKit'

class AppDelegate
    attr_accessor :window
    def applicationDidFinishLaunching(a_notification)
        # Add code to initialize the Hello speak command
        speak = ""
        @voice = NSSpeechSynthesizer.alloc.initWithVoice(speak)

Next we will add a method to handle the closing of the window and another method to make your app say Hello World when the button is clicked.

To handle the closing of the window, add the following code right after the applicationDidFinishLaunching method.

def windowWillClose(a_notification)
        puts "GoodBye!"

The following method interacts with the button and voice synthesizer:

 def say_helloWorld(sender)
        @voice.startSpeakingString("Hello World!")
        puts "Hello World!"

Now that the AppDelegate class is setup, I am going to add some code to setup the window and button.

At the end (outside) of the AppDelegate class, add the following code:

#initialize app object
app = NSApplication.sharedApplication
app.delegate =

#setup window
window = NSWindow.alloc.initWithContentRect([200, 300, 300, 500],

# define the style                                           styleMask:NSTitledWindowMask|NSClosableWindowMask|NSMiniaturizableWindowMask,

# add some configuration like the window title and the type of window to create. Also
# you will need to add the window to the app
window.title      = 'Hello World'
window.level      = NSModalPanelWindowLevel
window.delegate   = app.delegate

# Now add a Button object and set its location (x, y) and size (width, height)
button = NSButton.alloc.initWithFrame([80, 10, 120, 80])
# Define the label on the button, add the button to the app and specify which method to call.
button.bezelStyle = 4
button.title      = 'Say Hello World!'     = app.delegate
button.action     = 'say_helloWorld:'

# Also add the button to the window

# Finally load the window and run the app

At this point to can either compile the app into an app archive for sharing or run it the XCode IDE. Turn up your speakers before clicking on the button.

To learn how to get started with MacRuby in Xcode 4, read the first article:

Ruby & Gems; How To Build ,Package and Deploy on a MacRuby App on Apple Macbook

Coming Soon:

How To Build GUI in MacRuby and Xcode


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