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Machine Vision Technology

Updated on April 16, 2010

Advances in Machine Vision Technology

A number of large companies struggle to find a more efficient way of inspecting the equipment they have on site. Whether working in the food processing, pharmaceuticals, automotive, semiconductors, fasteners or general manufacturing industry, it’s important to obtain a firm grasp of the functioning of the production equipment in a facility. Technological advancements has recently made it possible for companies to perform these inspection and identification procedures through easy-to-use software applications. This software, called a machine vision system, offers companies the ability to maintain the performance and quality level of each piece of equipment in their production line.

Machine vision systems use a number of advanced techniques to identify any irregularities in the production line of a company. In many cases, line scan cameras, high resolution area scan cameras and CCD color cameras are all implemented to obtain a clear picture of the inner workings of the machinery. These cameras provide a complete view of the area that can be sorted by color, size and shape. Companies can gain a real-time look at any problems or maintenance issues going on within their production line due to the strategic placement of these cameras.

Another advantage of machine vision systems are the unique software capabilities offered when this system is implemented. Customized processes like pattern matching, gauging, morphology, edge detection and blob analysis all contribute to a larger picture of a company’s production line. These image processing tools provide information about the  production line that makes it possible for high speed inspections to take place on a regular basis. By adjusting the belt speed, a machine vision system can provide an accurate means of detecting and removing any problems from the area.

Machine vision systems are designed to be an all-in-one package to assist company’s in maintaining their production line. Typically, these systems incorporate high-speed applications, specialized cameras and complex technological applications that all contribute to a properly functioning production line. Furthermore, the creators of machine vision systems are able to package all of these capabilities into an easily navigable interface that allows even those without a high level of computer savvy to perform the functions needed. Many companies are turning to machine vision systems to increase their productivity and improve the performance of their machinery with a simple, all-in-one solution.


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