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Magic Jack - Fact or Fiction? The Unbiased Review - Call Waiting on Magicjack

Updated on December 3, 2010

Having heard so much about the Magic Jack and being tired of paying almost $60 a month to Comcast I decided to try it out.  Magic Jack has ups and downs but let me start out by saying this "You can replace your home phone with the Magic Jack, but it isn't for everyone."

The Ordering Process

Right now Magic Jack is offering a free 30 trail offer on the website, you can also pick one up at your local Walmart. I choose to order on the internet because I needed to really test it out before committing to the Magic Jack. I just ordered 1 and paid the extra $3.95 for faster shipping, I had heard it still is fast without but I didn't want to wait. Something to remember is that your trial starts from the time your order it not when you get or activate it.


Installation was very easy:

  1. Plug it in
  2. Wait a few minutes
  3. Choose and area code
  4. Your ready!


The user interface is pretty straight forward to use. On the right is a list of calls made, received and missed. The dial pad is in the middle to allow you to use a headset connected to your computer instead of the telephone. Of course the ads on the left which is supposed to help keep cost down. My only complaint is that interface pops up when you receive or make a call, kind of annoying but worth it for only $20 a year.


Magic Jack offers a lot of competitive features such as:

  1. Call Waiting
  2. Voice Mail
  3. Caller ID
  4. Free Directory Assistance

The only real problem I found is there is no way to disable call waiting or voice mail. I kinda found a work around with the call waiting:

Once you are on a call you can right click the Magic Jack icon in you task bar and put yourself into "do not disturb" mode. This won't give callers a busy signal, just send them straight to voice mail, but you won't hear the disturbing beep that comes with call waiting. Just remember to disable "do not disturb" mode when you are done or you won't receive calls.

***UPDATE 06/10/2009***
I can no longer find the "Do Not Disturb" option. Maybe a software update? I will be looking into this soon and update.

Seems an upgrade from Magic Jack has removed this feature.  Why?  I have no idea, but find this one less reason to buy a Magic Jack.

Call Quality

I have been told that the Magic Jack has call quality better than a cell phone. This is mostly true, but I have had a few problems with the quality of calls. There is about a 1 second delay between conversation, which is not usually noticeable but it is there. Sometimes while talking I will hear what sounds like someone pressing the keys on the phone, but this rarely happens. Also there is occaisonaly light static on the line, but it usually only last a few seconds. I would like to think that these small issues will be taken care of soon.


While the Magic Jack is a great gadget for the average home user it still needs work for professional use.  If you are looking for a great VOIP for your business maybe you should try Vonage... Magic Jack just isn't there yet.

Do you have or plan to buy Magic Jack?

Do you currently have a magic jack?

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    • profile image

      Soccerfanyes 5 years ago

      I had Time Warner Cable at $39.95 per month. Am saving $30.00 per month with MJ Plus. (Package -- they never give the full discount, of course!) Happy with it. Installed very easily to my router, connects instantly to telephone system, caller ID works, all phones work, call quality is a little less than TWC but not bad. Only real issue is a call-waiting beep that is very intrusive and could not be disabled at last investigation. I recommend the product!

    • profile image 5 years ago

      Have had MJ Plus 2 months - love it.

      Is the MagicJack Plus available in Amman, Jordan, and if so, do you know which stores there carry it? Because the MJ Plus uses electrical current, is the MJ Plus in Jordan wired to accommodate Jordans electrical current? Do you know how much the MJ Plus costs in Jordan

    • profile image

      John Martin 6 years ago

      I have Magicjack and it is fine...also have a land line. I purchased the latest Magicjack Plus that claims no computer is necessary.....misleading indeed as an ethernet port on a router or computer is required....most unlikely a person without a computer would have access to an ethernet connection......One does not have to be ON the computer and that is the only difference.

      John Martin

    • profile image

      shirley 6 years ago

      Actually long distance is FREE when you call anywhere in the USA and CANADA (not just the US).

    • profile image

      dick 6 years ago

      I cant figure out how to hear my messages,The promps tell me I have them and were And what time they came in but what do I do to listen to them?


    • profile image

      ErnestWard 7 years ago

      i just got a new MagicJack u call someone and the phones cut in and out can't understand what is being said .will someone tell me what to do to make it work;My email is,thanks

    • profile image

      jennyannk73 7 years ago

      I have been using my magic jack for 2 years now and save a ton of money. There are times that the quality is not fantastic, but since this is in place of a landline for me, it works just fantastic and i'm sick about all the money I spent on a regular landline before...

    • profile image

      Cashfling - Surveys That Pay 7 years ago

      I invite you to see your earning income potential completing surveys at

    • profile image

      manar  7 years ago

      its available in jordan and where

    • profile image

      rbsmith 7 years ago

      You may want to dedicate a PC to your magicjack. I was going to buy a netbook with a solid state drive - they are about $140. I remembered I had an old laptop (athlon XP, USB 1.1 ports) running XP-home, so I loaded that with MagicJack, loaded a free version of Norton AV, just to get the latest defs and plugged it into the house wiring after removing Qwest. Works great, though the call waiting is annoying. The power draw for a laptop is generally low and the batteries provide some power ride-through without a UPS.

    • profile image

      yahoomail 7 years ago

      I think Magic Jack is pretty awesome only thing that really sucks is you must leave your computer on the whole time. That pretty much will suck electricity and give you a higher bill maybe more than having a monthly phone bill.

    • profile image

      daisy 7 years ago

      I have a magic jack which is given to me from a friend in US. I am in philippines now. Can i make a call using my magic jack thru a mobile phone on the middle east?

    • profile image

      Sigma 7 years ago

      I get busy signal when I dial my majicjack number from my office. My office has VOIP system. My wife got a message "please enter extension number" when dialing our magicjack home phone number from her office which also has VOIP. Is that a common problem dialing a magickack number from a VOIP phone system?

    • profile image

      Daniel 8 years ago

      You can also do three-way conference calling. Both parties need to call you. After you answer the second call, the first will be on call-waiting. Then just hit ## and you will all be connected on a conference call.

      Also, we noticed that using the built-in microphone on a MAC did not work as well as when you plug a phone into the magicjack. With the external phone plugged in, it works very well. With the MAC microphone, the caller heard some noise when we were not speaking.

    • you2pointzero profile image

      you2pointzero 8 years ago from Illinois, USA

      @Alexandra, you may need to run the upgrade program to restore you magic jack, but your magicjack needs to be connected to a windows computer. When it is connected to a windows computer try to download and run:

    • profile image

      Alexandra 8 years ago

      I used Magicjack in the computer MACBOOK but now when i click in the Icon, then message DEVICE REMOVAL The device you removed was not properly... then I can't start the Magicjack, i shutdown the computer, I restart the Magicjack, What I can do, please?

    • you2pointzero profile image

      you2pointzero 8 years ago from Illinois, USA

      @linda Is it the first time you have used the magic jack on that computer? If you have autorun disabled then it won't load when you connect it. Try this: Goto My Computer, you will see two magic jack icons, open the first magic jack drive(usually drive I:) locate and open the autorun.exe file. That should get it going for you.

    • you2pointzero profile image

      you2pointzero 8 years ago from Illinois, USA

      @christian A window will popup with the number and you click accept.

    • profile image

      linda 8 years ago

      i plugged magic jack in usb port and plugged phone line in and nothing happened what do i do now?

    • profile image

      christian 8 years ago

      how do you use the "call waiting" feature? thanks.

    • you2pointzero profile image

      you2pointzero 8 years ago from Illinois, USA

      Yes you can, but you have to plug the phone or another phone into the magic jack.

    • profile image

      jaydee 8 years ago

      Can I use MJ to augment my local call service only (basic) to make long distance calls?

    • marlonduba profile image

      marlonduba 8 years ago from Philippines

      @yazied - you need to send a magic jack to Jordan first and have them install it. You can call Jordan as if it was another phone in the USA.

      @you2pointzero - great post, informational. To avoid delays you really need a very fast connection. A steady stream of at least 128kbps both up and download or even much faster would give a very good quality VOIP conversation.

    • profile image

      yazied 8 years ago

      can i use magic jack to make phone calls to middle east.. i mean Jordan ,, from the usa!!

    • you2pointzero profile image

      you2pointzero 8 years ago from Illinois, USA

      Long distance is free as long as it is in the USA, as for overseas you should check the web site.

    • profile image

      Me!!!! 8 years ago

      des it cost for long distace