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Magic Jack doesn't tell you everything

Updated on April 1, 2009

Magic Jack Service

 I bought two magic Jacks from Radio Shack. Onefor my son and one for me.

My sons Magic Jack stopped allowing outgoing calls

Iy offerred a number to call


Upon calling this number I was told that I had exceeding the number of allowedoutgoing calls by a factor of 20. I said I was sorry, but since I had two magic Jacks could they please tell the number of allowed outgoing calls.

The person at the number said NO.

I had misunderstood the Magic Jack Infomercial

I thought it was unlimited calling

they said free local calls. But they did not say

How many were free. That is a Magic Jack secret and they won't tell me

There is a charge for minutes on Magic Jack if you go over the secret number

If someone knows the number of outgoing calls allowed

please e-mail me


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    • profile image

      William Lambert 8 years ago

      So Magic Jack said after going over I am banned for life

      so is the 1500 minutes for a lifetime, for a month, for a week

      They did not include any of this info in their infomercial

      Thanks I will try skype

    • garetjax profile image

      garetjax 8 years ago from South Padre Island, TX

      There are two answers.

      1st - Basic Long distance calls are limited to 60 or 120 Minute durations. (depends on your area)

      2nd - You essentially have no limit on calls but, a totaly duration of time you are alloted. Each individual will experience this limitation differently and the amount of calls will fluctuate. Generally, I believe the time limit is around 1200 to 1500 Minutes of time blocked for Voice over IP traffic. For general usage or as a backup service this is good but, less than what your LAN Line can produce.

      If you want me to I can write a hubpage up on the VOIP services and options available to you.

      For a comcast HSI connection (I would suggest initially Skype - skypein/skypeout - )