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Facebook Photos: Mail a Postcard

Updated on June 24, 2013
Mail A Postcard - Turn Your Facebook Photo Into A Postcard And Send It
Mail A Postcard - Turn Your Facebook Photo Into A Postcard And Send It

Can anyone keep up with the changes to Facebook? Not likely. The latest change currently in test mode is one out of the box. This is probably not a feature that anyone had even quite imagined Facebook would introduce but it could just be coming your way very soon.

It is called "Mail A Postcard"

The feature will allow users to turn a facebook photo into a postcard and send it automatically.

It feels like we are coming full circle. The world, before computers and supersonic technology was a world of snail mail, letter writing and good-old fashioned handwritten notes. Today we have instant communication with the likes of SMS, Skype, email and of course the variety of social media platforms. Who would have even thought that we would see a day where the two were combined. Who would even have thought of sending a postcard from Facebook.

In conjunction with Sincerely, maker of Postagram – a service that allows Instagram users to send their photos through snail mail, Facebook users could soon be able to turn a photo into a postcard, complete with a message and a mailing address and send to a friend.

Those involved in the testing, are provided with a prompt “Mail a Postcard” at the bottom of a photo they may be looking at. The testing phase is trialling out several prices.

Yes, that is right. This service is scheduled to cost money.

Sincerely currently charges $0.99 cents for the Postagram service, so there is an assumption that this new Facebook service, may cost a similar price. This fee would be payable by the sender.

Facebook - mail a postcard
Facebook - mail a postcard

Would you pay to use this feature?

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Facebook users can pick a photo, whether it be one of their own or one of their friend's photos that they have access to, write a personalized message on the back, and address it to a friend.

If you are unsure of their mailing address you can even prompt the recipient for that.

Currently the feature doesn’t work for public photos.

There are a few issues I see with this!

Firstly, does this mean that Facebook will, or already does via some sneaky way, have access to a mailing address for us?

And secondly, what if we do not want our photos to be send-able? Can we opt out in bulk or will this have to be a photo-by-photo decision?

Did You Know?

If you can't wait for this and you want to send a postcard from Facebook today, you can do it for absolutely free (limited time only) at

Personally I have not tried this but it may be worth a look at.

The fact that Facebook is looking to introduce paid services like it a sign of the times for them?

With an estimated 300 million photos uploaded daily this could be a huge new monetization opportunity.

I cannot see that regular users would opt for such a service unless they are away on holiday and instead of buying a postcard to send to friends and family, choose to use this option instead. It would make for a more personalised message that's for sure, with a lovely photo of you or family. A photo you have taken.

Maybe people will use this as a way to say Hi to friends overseas?

Given that it is in testing phase anyway we do not know for certainty how the results will pan out and what, if at all, the final application will look like.

Guess it's a waiting game now. Watch this space.

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