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Mailing List - Free Mailing Lists

Updated on May 11, 2011

How to Create Mailing Lists

In this article I wanted to give small businesses the information needed to begin creating an email mailing list to guarantee people return to their website to checkout future offers, I already have built in email software for my social network but I will give advice on the best mailing list software on the internet.

If you are a complete novice to mailing lists for marketing then you may have an obscured view of what it can achieve for your business since many people believe it is simply aimless spamming. The idea is to establish a mutual interest with your contacts by offering a free tutorial video for those joining the list and then assure them they will have access to the rest of the exclusive videos when they input their address.

After you have got people past the 'join mailing list' step you are then ready to make your sales pitch, it is important to keep the incentive flowing, impress them with your knowledge of your field and then tell them what is exciting in your next update!  

It is better to accumulate potential clients this way rather than looking into buying mailing lists because most other marketers who sell mailing lists will often try to gain the upper hand by saving the most loyal customers for themselves. You will also have no assurance that the people you email to will be interested simply because they bought into a service which was vaguely related to yours.

Mailing List Managers

Mailing list managers still cost money the same as if you were buying mailing lists, unfortunately there is no quick way of obtaining a targeted audience for your emails but if you follow the advice here you will stop wasting your efforts and spreading your message will begin to pay off as you reach the right people.

Forget free mailing lists because this will achieve exactly the same results as buying mailing lists, probably worse. The reason I mentioned mailing list managers in the last paragraph is because this is what you should be concerned about, this is what you will need to manage sending mass emails once you have your following.

'Quit dragging it out Richie, how do I get the followers?' you are probably asking....

The best way to get people preliminarily interested in joining your mailing list is to have the registration form on a 'landing page' that either links directly to your homepage or is the homepage of your website. From here you can work on SEO by getting this page to appear as high up in the search engine rankings as possible for your products 'keyword', you should use Google Keyword tool to assess the competition by other advertisers and the amount of monthly traffic searching for this.

Photo courtesy of dampee

Mailing List Manager Software
Mailing List Manager Software

Mailing List Software - 'Aweber'

You may ask why I am qualified to educate others about this area of email marketing and I will answer by saying that I was introduced to email mail lists when working a month's contracted SEO work at a property solutions agency and was required to use Aweber mailing list software. I also learned a lot about SEO from my own online publishing and researching from black hat Google copywriter Frank Kern.

Returning to what I said in the first section of this article about offering the visitor a free video tutorial, this is the most common method of gaining trust with the client from the get-go. This can be produced using free video editing software and you can urge people to input their email address if they want to see the rest of the free videos on the mailing list.

Now that you have followed my instructions about gaining traffic to your registration form and generating interest in your expertise you have one thing left to do, sit back, purchase Aweber mailing list software and think of ways to slip your own products into the free video tutorials.

Photo courtesy of riccardodivirgilio

Free Mailing List

You may be asking what Aweber software actually is, well I can tell you that it is value for money and that you can get a free trial for $1. Believe me, you can try free mailing lists and you will have little if any response even after sending out thousands of emails manually, some people use e-mail harvesting software that gathers mostly inactive addresses by scanning pages based on keyword categories..but it is illegal and can land you a hefty fine if your IP address is traced.

Aweber offers you easy ways to produce 'landing pages' if you are a novice at web design, search optimization to save you using Google keyword that I mentioned earlier, it assures you mail bypasses spam filters and it sends to unlimited email addresses with the touch of a button without daily limits like Gmail and Hotmail enforce.

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Useful Google Mailing List Feature


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