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Mainframe tutorial

Updated on May 12, 2012

What is mainframe computer ??

We all know about a PC (Personal Computer). But what is a mainframe computer and what it does ?? who will use mainframe computer ?? ....

well here i am writing this HUB to make you understand about what is mainframe, what are the technologies that we use to do mainframe programing, and how you can become a professional mainframe programmer...and some questions with answers which will help you in an interview ..


Mainframe is a very large computer and it is totally different from what you have in your personal computer..

Mainframe is an industry term for large computer..all the units like processing.,communication..etc were hugged into a frame so called mainframe.........ok ok let's stop this a developer we don't need to learn how the internal architecture of a mainframe computer looks..

Mainframe computers process large volumes data and provides high security to the data....these two are the main reasons why mainframe became popular and attracted Fortune 1000 business companies(Banking, Insurance, and retail companies)in their daily business activities..

Need to have...

The following are the technologies which u should need to learn to become a successful mainframe programer..

  • JCL
  • CICS
  • VSAM
  • DB2

other than above we have lot of technologies which are supported by mainframe system...first we will start our tour with COBOL (Common Business Oriented Language)..

Note: when ever i am free i will be adding my knowledge about JCL or CICS, or DB2,,etc to this hub or may be in other hubs...please check this page once in a week for updates..


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