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How You Can Make Money By Designing, Creating and Then Developing New iPhone Apps!

Updated on November 12, 2015

Start Making Your Fortune Now With New iPhone Apps

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Developers of Apps Don't Have To Be Computer Geeks...

You don’t have to be a computer geek to develop i-Phone applications. All you really need is inspiration and a great idea. There are ways and means of getting your product designed, tested and de-bugged……the real key to how successful you are going to be is in the project management and marketing of your idea. Creating, branding and selling iphone applications is a true art form in itself and the above recommended e-Book can show you how to do just that!

News Update Re. Apps Development eBook

Please note the apps development eBook that was originaly featured on this page is no longer available.....however don't let that stop you! See below for further info.....

Gold Fever Strikes Again In 2010....

Gold fever has hit America’s West Coast again, Silicon Valley to be precise, with the announcement on Mon, 5th January by Apple that more than three billion apps have been downloaded in less than 18 months from its revolutionary App Store by i-Phone and iPod touch users in 77 countries worldwide! On the same day, Google launched its answer to the i-Phone, the Nexus, designed by the company’s own engineers; which has now started a marketing battle between the two rival companies. Apple have then gone on to release the newly developed iPad on the 3rd of April, and the new 4g iphone is expected to be released at their summer conference on the 7th June 2010. So just what is happening? Well the mobile phone industry is undergoing a revolution in that i-Phone apps are rapidly overtaking music and software sales, so much so that it is anticipated that the 2010s will be a boom decade for them. It’s a simple fact, that people want extra app features for their i-Phones. Apps can help i-Phone users with travelling, cooking, games or going out, many are free to download from the internet, but some apps are exceptional and customers are willing to pay good money for them.

What's Stopping You?

So what are you waiting for, why not take advantage of this gold strike and make some money in your spare time by designing apps! Unfortunately, it’s also a well known fact that most people suffer from acute ‘inertia’, a lethargic inability to do anything because the thought is harder to negotiate than the action. Why? Because people think that they cannot do it for themselves - designing apps is the preserve of big companies or for serious computer geeks, right? Well no, think again. Really, anybody can do it. You don’t need to be a techie to enjoy a seven-figure salary. All you need is creativity, a spare bedroom where you won’t be disturbed and perhaps some technical and marketing skills. The key word here is some because even if you are the most technophobic person on the planet, there are still ways and means of getting an app designed, tested, de-bugged and sold to a hungry market, without having to actually do the work yourself. You just need to know how (see below paragraph - How to market your app).

Getting Started

First, you need a great idea.  Check out what applications are available at this very moment in time in order to evaluate the competition and judge the latest hot topics or themes.   Think about what you use your i-phone for now.   Are there any hobbies, interests or needs, either whimsical or seriously useful, that you think are not currently fulfilled by your i-phone.  If there are, you need to make a note of them and either work on them yourself or ask someone else to do the techie stuff.  Keep your eyes open, talk to people (family and friends are a great source of ideas as they tend to be more open with you about their needs) and really listen to what they have to say if you want to find more ideas that could be potentially developed into an app.   Remember, inspiration for an app can happen at any time.  It was only 14 months ago, that Kostas Eleftheriou a Greek national who had recently re-located to London, developed his i-Steam app, getting the idea whilst standing in his bathroom after a shower and noticing the steamed up mirror……how difficult is that!  

How Do You Create An App?

Second, you need to get hold of the software to actually create the app.  The easiest way is to join the iphone developer program, on Apple’s website.  The program provides a complete and integrated process for developing and distributing applications for iPhone and IPod touch and the cost is $99 for the Standard Program and $299 for the Enterprise Programme.   For those of you who are stony broke and have no money to spare, remember you can still create iPhone applications by utilising web designing software that can be downloaded for free from the internet.   However, if you really are a technophobe when it comes to writing code, then you need to get yourself a business partner who can do it for you

How Do You Market Your App?

Third, you need to locate a hungry market to sell your app. Applications that are available right now at the App Store's own website have come from a variety of sources - from big companies who have invested thousands of dollars or pounds into developing them, right down to the gifted amateur who has had a great idea and a bit of luck. If you belong to the latter group and seriously want to take the luck out of creating, branding and selling i-phone applications for next to nothing see How To Create iPhone Apps With No Programming Experience for inspirational ideas and a more organised approach to building up your very own business. This e-book will show you exactly how to develop ideas, create apps, find business partners, make money on your website, use an Apple account, brand, distribute and market i-Phone applications. It does not matter if you are an unknown designer or not, if the app is good it will become popular and be an Apple best seller. If you want to go it alone, (Apple free so to speak) but need extra help on how to sell your newly developed app on the internet you can always enrol on a suitable internet marketing course to bring your skills set up to date.

A Final Word

I myself have found it hard to try to start a business in my spare time, but I can categorically state that you will get nowhere unless you take action now whilst the idea is still fresh in your mind. This I find is the hardest part. No doubt about it, procrastination is the thief of time and it will be for you too. There is no magic formula for getting it right either, its trial and error all the way, you just have to get stuck in and my advice to you if you are new to internet marketing is to just do it. If you research your chosen topic thoroughly, you will soon become an expert and hopefully develop a liking for the subject matter or product. If that happens to you, you will become one of the luckiest persons alive....someone who enjoys what they do for a living. If you are seriously interested in designing and marketing your own i-phone apps take a few moments to view the above hyperlinks, for to obtain job satisfaction by being really creative and your own boss must be one of the high points in anybody’s career.

See you around some time.


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    • Open Mind Mitch profile image

      Open Mind Mitch 6 years ago

      Geraldine, customers pay you when they buy your apps. If you go it alone, you set up your own website and the customer downloads from your website, if you decide to go with Apple, you will need to join their programme to find out more details. Regards, Mitch

    • profile image

      Geraldine shelton 6 years ago

      Yeah, all you said was interesting but please answer my questions, how and who pays you when your apps are used?