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Make Money On Facebook With Affiliates

Updated on April 29, 2011

What is Facebook and what’s the benefit of marketing here?

Facebook is a social networking website. It’s author is Mark Zukerberg. This site helps you to connect with whom you know and also whom you do not know. Reading this intro is some important for you because I am going to give you a quick concept where and in which process the money is going to come.

Take an example of a shop. What does it need to make the owner happy? It just needs loads of customers. Who will come and buy them. So, while starting Internet Marketing, I want to say that no money is here for you unless you learn the basic techniques of attracting new customers.

The best part of this site is that, it has already millions of users. Now you will require to make a group or fanpage to make them united on just a single niche or topic.

Facebook Marketing
Facebook Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing? Let’s start with an intro

In the shops, the sales men do not prepare the commodities themselves. They just only help the industries and wholesalers by attracting customers and selling them by a percentage of money (we call as commission). In this money making idea, we are placing ourselves as the sales men. So, our work is to promote others’ product and receive commission per sale. This is affiliate marketing and it would be easy for us to promote the products on Facebook.

Where to get the products?

In this matter, surely I would request you to go for something about which you know a lot. Suppose, if you like musical instruments like guitars. Go to / for getting products, ebooks or video tutorials about guitar. You select one and start to go for the next tips.

Facebook Pages
Facebook Pages

Starting a page at Facebook

For starting a Page on Facebook go directly at and title your Fan Page as ‘Learn Guitar in 20 Days or such…’. You may even hold a contest and offer an iPhone! But please do not make illegal or fake promotions. Because it won’t make you money rather take your time with 0 Results.

Now, as soon as the page is created , you try to get as much fans as you can for your friends. I know its not an easy way. It needs time and patience, of course. First it’s better to suggest the page to your friends and request them to suggest their friends. That’s the way!

It is the time to select some relevant product from the affiliate sites. And start promotion to your fans. Remember, over promotion will be considered as Spam and get rid off it! Give away some free tips, your experiences, ways and everything.

If you know some more ways to make money and want to add a little salt in this hub, you are most welcome to inform me in the comment box!

And please do visit my blog to get some similar tips to make money in an easy way just from your hobbies!

Share your feelings! :)

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