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Make Money on Social Networks

Updated on February 14, 2013
Social Media
Social Media | Source

I'll occasionally come up with some small semi-baked articles that will make your life better. Yes, you've read it right, what about getting a perk for your social influence (A reward for what you love doing) Also know how you can make you of your Facebook Page visitors for CPA or CPL campaigns! Learn who pays you to tweet and some more interesting stuff as you move ahead. Guess it's time to Make Money Using Social Networks.

Klout Measures Your Social Impact

Klout: Get Perks for Your Social Presence

Klout is a website that measures your social influence. You can sign up either with Facebook or Twitter and can add multiple social streams like Google+, LinkedIn, Flickr etc. Based on your social influence the Klout's algorithm will assign you a score called the Klout score. The maximum Klout score is 99.

The interesting part is, you are eligible for Perks on a grab it, at first come first serve basis. You can expect a pack of Red Bull, free Business Cards and other similar kinds of perks.

What's Happening Behind the Scenes

Klout may have partnered with advertisers who in turn promised to send freebies to people to promote their brand and get free advertising. Obviously when we get anything for free, it delights us! We often in return appreciate the company, speak and popularize the product and that's the catch! Since it's all because of marketing and we don't really have to do anything for getting Perks in-boxed to us, makes Klout a favorite!

All set to join Klout, anyways here's the link

Keep Tweeting
Keep Tweeting | Source

Make Money from Your Twitter Followers

If you've a good number of Twitter followers you may try Sponsored Tweets!

They are a legitimate Twitter advertising platform that pays you for letting advertisers reach your audience. Many bloggers have claimed to make some $$$ from their platform. Rest assured they are genuine and been online over some year with an Alexa rank of ~12000. Visit the website to have a detailed insight.

From Sponsored Tweets,

Sponsored Tweets is a Twitter advertising platform that connects advertisers with tweeters. The site provides robust targeting and detailed analytics.

Make Money from Facebook
Make Money from Facebook | Source

Just Redirect Facebook App

You can make use of the just redirect application to drive visitors from your 'Facebook Page' to virtually any website of your choice! So, if you've a readership for your Page, all lot can happen within the next 5 minutes. Shannon has already written a wonderful article illustrating the use of the just redirect Facebook app to make you fell wow!

How to make Money from Facebook Pages

It is easy to create a 'Facebook Page' and a 'Facebook Group'. They are still one of the most neglected areas from blogging point of view. The good thing about Facebook pages are they do rank well in search engines. Now, if you create a page related to some current topic and put an initial information, people show their interest and request for joining the group. The only thing that does the trick is the Facebook group name and having some initial 30 to 50 group members (you can always reach this by adding your friends) It is very easy to reach an audience of 10,000+ or even 100,0000.

If you've nothing but business in mind, you can sell your group or page to a company for some flat rate. You can also promote your affiliate marketing campaigns and direct visits to a particular site. Cost per lead campaigns also get well managed.

Make Money with Reachli

Reachli is the force behind monetizing Pinterest! If you wish to make money with Reachi, simply join the publisher network, get accepted and wait for the ad codes to be shown. You need to have an account on the three popular social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) and have at least one blog for approval. Once approved you can upload the ads from the dashboard and share it social profiles and your websites!

Join Reachli

Have anything in mind that can be tuned-up with this article.


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