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Make Small Investments on Solar Panels and Reap Profits in the Longer Run

Updated on April 19, 2012
Solar panels soaking up the sun!
Solar panels soaking up the sun! | Source

Production costs of energy generated using fossil fuels are steadily on the rise, and the rising cost has been clearly reflected upon consumer’s utility bills. You could cut down greatly on your energy bills if you made ample investments to harness solar power. Solar panels are your means to convert solar radiation into electricity. This is the right time to make small investments towards procuring solar panels.

The fossil fuel resources available are being depleted at an alarmingly accelerated rate, and these fuels will be completely exhausted in the next 40 to 50 years. The population across the world is extensively dependent on the energy produced from burning fossil fuels, and energy produced from fossil fuels makes up 80% of the energy the world consumes. With depleting fossil fuel resources, the extraction costs of fossil fuels are gradually becoming exorbitant. Thus, the energy produced from burning fossil fuels too is becoming quite expensive. Shifting to renewable energy sources like solar, wind, etc is the only means of containing the rising energy prices.

Solar panels are currently expensive to purchase, but their prices will start to fall when there is a considerable demand for solar panels and solar energy. Solar panels have a very limited number of photo-voltaic cells in them and they are cheaper to purchase. The energy produced using a single solar panel is capable of lighting a bulb or two. Though the investments you need to make on solar energy systems that are capable of generating energy in the range of 1KW to 5 KW is quite huge, you could initially make small investments on procuring a single solar panel which can provide energy to power a bulb or two.

Solar panels are available in various energy production ranges. This means, solar panels are available which can produce 90, 190, 230, 280, 290 watts of power. Different solar panel manufacturers have different specifications for the solar panels they manufacture. The price range of solar panels may vary from $1.4 per watt to $2.5 per watt.

The popular solar panels use photovoltaic cells that are made of mono-crystalline silicon. Photovoltaic cells are also made using different types of materials like polycrystalline silicon, copper indium gallium sulfide, cadmium telluride, amorphous silicon, etc.

Small solar panels are produced by numerous companies and the popular amongst these companies are Kyocera, BP Solar, Mitsubishi Electric, Sanyo, and REC Solar.

Solar panels produce a DC output which should be converted to AC using an inverter. The energy so produced can be used to power an electrical appliance etc. Multiple solar panels can be grouped together by connecting them in series to produce a system that can provide power to run most of the electrical appliances found in your home. A 5KW solar energy system can be built by grouping together numerous solar panels.

Since, the cost of making a 1 KW or a 5KW solar energy system is quite expensive, you could make small investments initially on a panel or two, and then gradually keep adding newer panels with passing time, to increase the energy production of the system.

Solar panels will give you considerable savings in your energy bills; by up to 50% over a 10 to 15 year period of time. Make ample investments in solar panels and solar energy, and save on your electricity bills in the long run.


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