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Make a long lasting computer

Updated on August 15, 2014

Computers do cost good money, make it a good investment lasting over time

Despite the rapid drop in computer prices, a good computer either PC or Mac will sill cost you. Everyday computers are a good option, but will never be as much durable and reliable like the high end models. So how to take care of that brand new Dell screen touch or high pixels Macbook Pro Retina you just got from the store?

Make sure the computer runs cool.

Video editing, video gaming, and other high performance applications and programs will use graphics card, Ram, and disk space which will make heat flow through the computer. Consider the following options:

1) USB Fan: This is one quickly and effective way to keep a computer running cool. For laptops, the laptop stand comes with one or more built in fans that are powered by the usb on the laptop. It will also provide for better typing as it will raise the laptop on you desk. The only problem for some people is that the stand will use up desktop space and a usb port on you laptop, discharging your computer and having one less usb port available to work with. I can see the problem here for early MacBook Air owners with a single usb port.

2) Gel pad: So you need all two or three USB ports or simply save battery or have limited desktop space. There is an option for that. This pads come in different sizes and styles that can be fold and stored along the laptop. Simply place the Laptop on top of the gel pad and let the crystals on the gel adsorb the heat from the laptop. I personally prefer this option since i can place the gel pad on the fridge for a few seconds and it will be ready for use also because i can just fold it when not in use and just unfold it again when i need it. When fold, it is small enough to carry it around.

Dusty will accumulate inside your computer, see advices below to remove it.

More dust


So you are the type of person who enjoys sipping on a drink while typing or have snacks around when working on a computer. Chances are, some liquid maybe spilled on the keyboard or that oil sticking to your fingers can stain and ruin your laptop touch-pad.

1) Buy a silicone keyboard cover. Depending on the brand and type you buy, this can provide a better typing experience and add style to your computer.

2) Buy a screen protector. This will prevent dust and scratches from attacking you screen. Some people may find it useful to use a Privacy guard screen protector that will prevent others around from looking what you are working on the computer screen.

3) Buy a Laptop Case or Desktop cover. This is a good idea if you have a Laptop and carry it around often or if your desktop computer stays on a dusty place. The cover is placed on the CPU and the monitor to prevent dust from reaching them. The laptops case adds style and a layer of protection to the Laptop.

Keep your computer clean

Over time dust and insects accumulates on Desktop computers and Laptops too. It is then a good idea to buy the Air in a can sprays and use it on the Keyboard and is safe to use it on the other ports too. If you feel confident dissembling computers then you can go head and remove the fans on the computer and spray on them to remove the dust that stays there. This cleans the computer Air passage ways which in turn helps the internal fans keep the computer running cool.


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