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How to Supercharge your Router with DD-WRT

Updated on May 15, 2013

What is DD-WRT

DD-WRT is an open-source alternative firmware for wireless routers. Most routers do not come with many features. You plug them in and they work. You can supercharge your router by changing the firmware to DD-WRT. This will give you many more features including: WOL, VPN, static routing, repeating functions, and many more.

Downloading DD-WRT

1. Go to the dd-wrt website.

2. Click "Router Database"

3. Type in the brand of your router

4. Browse for your model

5. Download the initial flashing file for your model. Remember where you save it.

If you model is not listed, you cannot do this. Do not try to flash your router with the wrong firmware; it could make your router unusable.

Flashing the Router with DD-DRT

1. Hard reset your router. Your router has a reset button on the back of it. It is usually red and requires a pen or paper clip to press. Hold it in for 15 seconds.

2. Log into your routers GUI. Open your browser and type in the router's ip address into the address bar. This is usually or

3. Go to the administration tab.

4. Look for somewhere to upgrade the firmware. There should be a tab or heading under the administration tab that says either "Upgrade Firmware" or "Upgrade Router".

5. In the upgrade section it will ask you to browse for your firmware file. That is the DD-WRT .bin file you just downloaded. Navigate to and select that file.

6. Upgrade. Wait for it to load.

7. Hard reset your router again.


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    • quiterandom profile image

      quiterandom 4 years ago

      The issue with my router is it's small flash memory size. The newest DD-WRT flash size is larger than my flash memory.

      Installation was easy, if a little time consuming, and the slightly older, smaller revision works a treat.

    • Phillip Rearick profile image

      Phillip Rearick 4 years ago from Powell, Ohio

      very true. I have never had any compatibility issues myself, but some of my friends have. It is always best to check with the community before straight up believing their list of compatible devices. Especially with older, or less common routers.

    • quiterandom profile image

      quiterandom 4 years ago

      It's important to research your particular model of router on the DD-WRT forums before flashing it to DD-WRT.

      While the database may say your router is compatible with the newest version, that isn't always the case, and the exceptions are covered largely by the community there.