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Making A Website Effective

Updated on August 20, 2011

Before knowing the tips for making your website effective, you should remember that you can not popularize your website overnight. It needs a lot of efforts. But, only if make your site effective, your further efforts will have a strong foundation. The following few tips may be useful:

- You should first know your target visitors. Your website should be designed in a such a manner that these visitors are impressed by it.

- The website should not be very large because such no one has the patience or time to visit and go through such large website. At the same time, it should not be very small also. If it is very small, you will find it difficult to provide all the essential details about your products or services. If you keep the pages on the site short and if contents are to the point, this aim can be achieved.

- There should be a table of contents so that the visitors to your site will know what they can know by navigating to the various pages on the site.

- If you are adding images on your website, you should ensure that they are of the right size. As far as possible, they should be small. Experts have found out that large images are not liked by most of the visitors.

- The colors of the pages and images on your website should be pleasing to the visitors. There are experts who can be consulted for deciding the colors you should use.

- The website should not contain a lot of prosaic matter. You should be brief and to the point and this alone will inspire the visitors to contact you for getting more information.

- There should not be grammatical, spelling or sentence-structure errors in the texts provided on your website. People get annoyed if such errors are found.

- You should periodically check if the links you provide are current and valid. Visitors may not relish if the links are not current. You will lose your reputation.

- On top of everything, you should provide your contact information on your site. This will help those visitors who want more details to get in touch with you. This may be the beginning of a long-standing relationship.


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    • Jagodka profile image

      Jagodka 6 years ago

      Good article. I hate when you go on a website and the pictures are too large and disproportional.