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Easily Create your Free Google Site and Add Your Content Quickly. (Step #1)

Updated on April 12, 2012

Everybody that's a somebody wants a website, needs a website to say what they want to say, and they need it for free! Well, Google comes along and offers you that very free website that you wanted along with many features to jazz up your presentation.

Yes, there are very many free sites on the internet these days. Why choose Google Sites? Because you can very easily connect with the "internet king" with such features as Google Analytics (website statistics), Google AdSense (well, you already should know about this?), Google AdWords, etc.

Step #1: Setup a Google Site

Go to You'll see the typical menu choices at the very top of the webpage, such as Search, Images, Gmail, Docs, etc. Click on the drop down link called More at the top right of the page. At the bottom of the drop down menu, click on the Even More link.


You'll be amazed at all the free stuff that Google offers! Yes, you want to look at all the free stuff but try to focus on the topic at hand (Google Sites) and scroll down until you see the Sites link. Click on this link to begin the website building process.

Here's where you come in - you've got to choose a name for your website and a website design. Google Sites are a template-based website building application. You will be presented with a multitude of template choices. Most of the templates are created by fellow users that post there designs to these selections. Using templates means that your website will have a set logical structure whereby there will be a:

  1. Header Area - where you present your company name plainly or with fancy graphics
  2. Navigation Bar - the links to all of your webpages are listed here
  3. Page Content Area - this is where your different webpages will be displayed

Go ahead an click on the Browse the gallery for more button to view the many sample templates.

A mini-window will open called Select a Site Template. Click on the various template groups such as Schools & Education or Personal & Family. Peruse the template selections by scrolling downward on the right side. There are a lot to review so take your time and enjoy the experience.

Once you have found a template, you'll want to view it up close. Just double-click on the template and a preview will open.

A new mini-window will open providing you with a basic description of the template. Do you like the style and color of the website? You'll want to view a preview of this template; just click on the Preview template link.

If you think that you've found THE template, then go ahead and click on the Select button. The next mini-window will ask you one more time Use Template? Click on this button and proceed.

If you have not found the template of your dreams, then just click back and search for another template until you find a good one.


After you've clicked on the Use Template button, you will be taken back to the Create window. The templates that you have potentially selected will be listed in this mini-window. Be sure to select the template of your choice before clicking on the Create button.

Go ahead an type in the Name of your Site, then type in the code at the bottom (to eliminate robot software from randomly using this Google feature), then click on the CREATE button.

That's it! Your new Google Sites will "pop up" in the template format you chose. Just go to Step #2: Building your Google Site for the next tutorial.


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